Intel Says Chip Sales Better Than Expected

Intel says its semiconductor business overall is performing better than it expected. So much so, the company surprised investors Friday with a sales forecast two weeks ahead of its scheduled[...] Read full article

Dell News

Dell Home Coupon Codes THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

Dell Home has three new coupons for Inspiron notebooks, good through 8/24.$100 off $1499 Inspiron Notebook with code "2238BF7AF5A8"$150 off $1999 Inspiron Notebook with code "A31FE311B195"$250 off $2499 Inspiron Notebook[...] Read full article

Dell News

Dell Slashes Prices on Notebooks and PCs

Lookout for falling prices at Dell.com as Dell announced late today it will slash prices across all of its products to put the hard press on Hewlett Packard. Notebook[...] Read full article

Toshiba News

Toshiba Offers Trade in on Old Computers

Toshiba announced on Tuesday that it is launching a program that will allow owners of its mobile computers and technology products from other manufacturers to trade in those products to[...] Read full article

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Dell Inspiron P4 2.4 GHz $974 with Coupon Code

Dell Home has the Inspiron 5100 P4 2.4GHz with free 15.0 SXGA display upgrade and free 384MB RAM upgrade for $974. No tax in most states. Just click this[...] Read full article

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HP Compaq Built-to-Order Notebooks On Sale

Get HP or Compaq notebooks for as low as $759 using coupon codes and rebate offers! Read full article

Toshiba News

Toshiba S127 2Ghz Notebook $699.99

Bestbuy.com has the Toshiba S127 2Ghz 256MB/30GB DVD/CDRW Notebook for $699.99 after rebate starting Sunday. Read full article

Dell News

Notebooks Continue to Increase in Popularity and Sales

HP, Dell and IBM all increased sales of notebooks during the second quarter, Toshiba declined. Dell leads U.S. sales of notebooks and statistics published this Tuesday by IDC shows[...] Read full article

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Printer Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2009: Inkjets

(no description) Read full article