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Intel States Performance Claims on New Dual Core Processors

Intel Yonah dual core processor

Intel will next month be releasing its new dual-core mobile processors, the code name for these dual core processors is “Yonah” and part of the “Napa” platform.  The Intel Napa platform contains the following three components:

  • Yonah dual core processor
  • Intel 945 chipset
  • Intel 3945 wireless card (802.11a/b/g capability, 30% smaller than current Intel wireless cards and more efficient)

Intel cites that with a Napa based notebook the performance, power and efficiency will be much improved from the Sonoma platform currently available.  Here’s what was stated today:

  • Performance is going to see an overall 68% gain with the dual core processor, that’s comparing performance to the 2.26GHz Sonoma processor with the highest-end Yonah dual core
  • Power efficiency of combined components is improved by 28%
  • Better wireless performance from Intel 3945abg card, plus the card has a 30% smaller form factor than current Intel wireless cards
  • Demo of Quake 4 gave a 76 FPS rate, that was versus a 41 FPS of the same notebook with the same graphics processor but a Sonoma processor (2.26GHz) — they’re finding an average of  50 — 70% improvement in FPS of dual core over the highest end Sonoma processoron such games using the dual core.
  • Faster 667MHz Front Side Bus, this is compared to 533MHz on the current Sonoma and 400MHz on the Dothan
  • PCMark2005 — 31% improved performance on high-end dual-core Yonah processor (compared to 2.26GHz Sonoma)
  • 3DMark05 – 105% faster on high-end dual coreYonah (compared to 2.26GHz Sonoma)
  • SPECint – 68% faster on high-end dual core Yonah (compared to 2.26GHz Sonoma)
  • 200 multithreaded applications available at launch
  • Battery Life – When asked about if whether battery life would be better or worse, Intel stated they don’t know precisely if it’s better since not all notebook Napa based production systems are finished, but they expect better battery life over Sonoma platform notebooks because power efficiency is 28% better and although the processor is more power hungry the gains through overall power efficiency of components should lead to better battery life.  A number of 5-hours of battery life with a standard battery on a standard sized (14-15″ notebook) was suggested as a possible number.

These are all pretty impressive claims and it seems performance capabilities and power efficiency of the upcoming Napa platform are quite a leap above the current Intel platform.  We should see Napa notebooks shipping by the end of January, and only then when we get hands on usage by “real users” will we see how much better performance will truly be.  You can stop back here for reviews of course!

Latest Intel Based Apple Notebook Rumors

The rumors on the Intel based Mac machines are as fickle as the wind and now the latest is that a widescreen iBook will be released early next year, but what “early” defines exactly is not clear.  The first release will be a 13.3-inch model iBook with a 1280 x 720 display.  There will also be a 12-inch screen iBook released with the Intel processor, but a 12-inch Intel based PowerBook will not see the light of day.


One Year After Announcement of IBM PC Takeover Lenovo is Still Profitable

It was just over a year ago, on December 8, 2004, that Lenovo announced it would be acquiring the IBM PC division and would grab hold of the ThinkPad brand.  The good news for Lenovo is that they’re still profitable as a company, despite all of the naysayers who said they’d lose money.  But we’re still yet to see any Lenovo branded computers in Europe or North America.  That should change next year when Lenovo releases desktop machines outside of China branded with the typical Lenovo look.  But there’s still no forecast of when we’d see a Lenovo branded notebook or see a Lenovo badge show up on ThinkPad notebook.  Lenovo seems to be doing the right thing though, slowly and cautiously introducing their own brand and making sure the business transition of the takeover is smooth before doing anything drastic with branding and marketing.


Dell to Offer Computrace Security Software

Dell already offers Computrace security software as an option on systems through its build-to-order model and Custom Factory Integration (CFI) services, with three-year subscriptions starting at $99.99. Starting immediately, most new Dell notebook computers will include support embedded in the system BIOS firmware, making the optional Computrace tracking and recovery application harder to defeat. To activate Computrace, customers need to purchase the service component from Dell or Absolute.  Current Dell notebook users can download a new system BIOS that includes stronger Computrace support from

Palm Treo 650 Giveaway

If you’d like the chance to win a Palm Treo 650 then I suggest visiting our sister site where they’re running a Palm Treo 650 giveaway contest.  If you already have a 650, then an alternative prize is a Treo TripKit.

Link to Treo 650 Contest

Wi-Fi All Over New York City?

New Orleans recently announced they’d be offering wireless coverage city-wide (well, sadly that would be to whoever is left there) and Philadelphia is already working on wireless coverage of the city.  Many cities all over the world do this, and it’s becoming more of a trend.  New York City is a little bigger than the average size city in the U.S. and according to a report from they’re apparently also now considering taking on the feat of offering wireless to 8-million people:




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