News Bits: Dell Latitude X1, Desktop Pentium M, FireFox Downloads, e-XPedition

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Rumor: Dell to Rebrand Samsung Q30 Ultra Portable as Latitude X1 for Spring Release

Samsung makes some really nice laptops.  That’s all very good if you’re not living in North America, but if you’re in Canada or the U.S. you’re out of luck because Samsung does not market or sell it’s notebook products on this continent.  Rumor has it though that Dell will be offering the cool ultra portable Samsung Q30 to the U.S. market in the early Spring.  The Q30 will likely be sold as the Latitude X1.

The Q30 is amazingly light at 2.43 pounds, has a stunning 12.1″ TFT widescreen LCD, built-in wi-fi (802.11 b/g) and is very nicely designed.  The only problem with this notebook is that is uses a 1.8″ hard drive, which tend to be slow and hard to upgrade, and there is no PC card slot.  Other than that, thumbs up and let’s hope Dell does bring this laptop to the State’s.

Desktop PC with a Notebook Processor?

The Cube Mini is a desktop PC that runs a Pentium M processor

A notebook computer with a desktop processor, sure, that’s normal and we see it all the time in the bigger style 17″ screen notebooks.  But an Intel Pentium M processor in a desktop PC, huh?

Turns out there’s a company named AOpen doing just this.  They make a desktop PC called the “Cube”.  The idea is that by using a Pentium M processor that runs cooler than a desktop processor, they can crunch things into a smaller container.  The Cube Mini will be only 106mm tall and will support Pentium M processors with a 400MHz front side bus and up to 2GB of DDR333 memory.  Although this desktop runs a notebook CPU, it will still support desktop hard drives.

This PC will of course be targeted at those who highly value space saving, quiet PCs.  The Cube Mini will be released in Japan soon, and a global release is expected later in the year.


FireFox reaches 25 Million Downloads

According to this sites web stats over 20% of visitors to use FireFox as their browser of choice.  That’s up from 4% last year.  An amazing statistic.  So it’s not surprising to read that FireFox has now reached 25 million downloads as of last week.


Microsoft Longhorn to be Named Microsoft e-XPedition?

Let’s hope that Bill Gates still has veto power at the company he started, because if he let’s the name “Microsoft Windows e-XPedition” slip through as the retail product name for the OS currently code named “Longhorn” then I’ll lose all respect.  The Register is reporting that this will indeed be the name for the next OS from Microsoft, but it is of course just a rumor for now as there is certainly no official announcement.


Potential Recall on Sager, Clevo, Prostar Model Notebooks

A contact informs us that the Clevo 470K, Prostar 4764 and Sager 4750 laptops deserve to be recalled because the ODM Clevo put an AMD processor in the machine with an Intel 2200BG wireless card even though Intel instructed manufacturers such a move will cause problems.  The following steps will guarantee a black screen hard core crash of the said notebooks:

  1. Install AMD CPU driver in windows (any service pack)
  2. Set power saving option in Control Panel to laptop (NOT always on) .. always on will run the laptop at 2+Ghz at all times, not acceptable for a laptop
  3. Enable wireless (Fn+F11)
  4. Browse the net or copy a file over a network.  ANY wireless activity causing the CPU to speed itself above 833Mhz will cause a complete lock up of the machine.

None of the manufacturers (Pro-Star, Clevo and Sager) have admitted a problem exists with their notebooks, but if you have one of these laptops and have problems then contact the manufacturer and demand a new wireless card to fix the issue.




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