New Apple iMacs Coming Soon?

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Every once in a while, an extended time will go by without a proper update to one of Apple’s product lines, and inevitably, the question comes up of whether that product has been discontinued. In recent years, we’ve seen people moaning about the iPod Classic, the Mac Mini, and the Mac Pro, to name a few.

Of course, the all-in-one iMac is the most popular desktop sold in the United States, so there was likely never any danger of it going the way of the dodo – but the last time it was redesigned to any major extent was back when the 27-inch model was first introduced. 

The new iMac information comes from the posts of a man whose brother-in-law supposedly performs work in one of Apple’s Chinese factories. Apparently the new design is impossibly thin, though the poster takes care to note that the iMac still has its Leno-esque chin at the bottom, where it houses the speakers among other components.

One major change in how the iMac is constructed has to do with its display. Like the recent iPhones, the new iMac reportedly features a laminated display; that means that the actual LCD panel is completely glued to the glass that covers it. By removing the gap between the glass and the panel, and making the glass itself a little big thinner, Apple can shave a substantial amount of thickness off the body of the new model.

This new rumor goes on to note that the back of the display takes on a curved, ‘raindrop’-like shape. Performance is supposedly stronger, but that’s a given – Apple isn’t going to release a massive design update to the iMac and shove components into it that offer unforgivably worse performance. The 21-inch model is going to be updated first, with the 27-inch model at a later date.

Although this post doesn’t mention it, we don’t expect to see any sort of Retina display in the iMac. While the future is likely pointing in that direction, at this moment the yields are unacceptable.

The new iMac wasn’t the only topic our intrepid poster discussed; in addition to a stylish new iMac, he touched on an update to Apple’s notebook lines. Specifically, production has started on a 13-inch Retina-display MacBook Pro. There may also be an update to the 15-inch model, but it will reportedly be launched only as an internal update (i.e., one that consumers do not notice).

It goes without saying, but Apple is keeping mum on both pricing setup and release day. If were betting folks, however, we’d be sure to place a couple of wagers that everyone is going down on the 23rd (the long-suspected iPad Mini launch party takes place on that day.

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