List of new Nehalem-based Core i7 desktops

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With Intel’s newest platform up and running, manufacturers all over have launched new Core i7-based desktops.  We put together a list of all of the ones we could find; if you’re looking for a wickedly fast new computer, look no further than this.

  • Dell launched the Studio XPS, targeted towards content creation professionals.  It easily offers the lowest barrier of entry to pre-built Core i7 systems with a starting price of just $949.
  • Dell also launched a gaming desktop with Intel’s Core i7; the XPS 730x is their most advanced gaming desktop to date; the least you’ll be able to spend on this box is a cool two grand.
  • Being bought out by Acer hasn’t stopped Gateway from creating new and attractive product offerings, and the new FX 6800-01e is no exception.  A slightly beefier version of the entry Studio XPS in a more attractive case, the 6800-01e has an MSRP of $1249.99. Gateway is also offering a higher-end version of their basic Core i7 gaming rig in the form of the FX6800-05.  The same basic computer with faster, well, everything, the 6800-05 juices things up with a 4870X2, SSD and conventional hard drive, 6GB of DDR3 memory and a Core i7 940.  The downside?  It’ll set you back three thousand dollars.
  • Falcon Northwest, known for their insane configurations (and pricetags) launched a new Mach V.  A basic Core i7 system will run around $2600, but with their pretty involved configurator, you can easily run up a $12,000 tab.  Hey, at least you’ll be able to finally hit sixty frames per second in Crysis.
  • Alienware, despite being another wing of Dell these days, hasn’t lost their touch.  Known for providing high-end gaming desktops at prices, well, as reasonable as you can expect from a big box provider.  The company is offering two different models based on how much you want to spend: the Area-51 X58 brings Nehalem and the new X58 board to the Area-51 model line with a starting price of $1649.  The flagship Alienware ALX X58 kicks it all up a few notches, but its introductory price is still a whopping $3461.
  • Commodore’s brand rises from the dead to claim a few Core i7 desktops of its own; unlike the others, however, it isn’t introducing any new models, just making the new chips another option.  Don’t let nostalgia make you long for one of these, though; the Commodore of today has nothing to do with the Commodore in the annals of tech history.
  • Big name brands aren’t the only option these days.  Thanks to the internet, boutique manufacturers of all scale can do business directly with the consumer, and Core i7 has taken this market segment by storm.  Some of the bigger players in this arena like Velocity Micro, Cyberpower and 

    iBuyPower are all taking advantage of the new platform to boost product sales.  Don’t think that just because they’re smaller companies that you’ll get amazing prices; these guys can charge just as much, and often more as the major OEMs.


Think these deals are good or bad?  Have we missed any?  Let us know in the comments below.



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