Hot Discussion: Asus Battery Issues, HP Vista Upgrade Problems, Toshiba Vista Notebook to XP Woes

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Today we take a peek into the forums to find a grass roots view of what’s going on in the world of notebooks. We’ve run some stats calculations on our forums to find the most popular threads from the past 10-days as measured by the number of views. Asus battery complaints, Vista upgrade problems with HP notebooks and trying to get a Toshiba Vista notebook to run Windows XP are just part of what’s hot and being talked about.

Below are the top 10 threads based on number of views as measured from the past 10-days:

  1. Battery Information – We Desperately Need YOUR Help! (Asus forum, posted on 2/12/2007, 1,456 views, 68 replies)
    In this thread CalebSchmerge rallies the troops in the Asus forum and asks them to run some tests to collect information on their batteries. There seems to be a problem with some batteries on Asus laptops wearing out faster than they should, but Asus does not admit to any such problem. Caleb hopes to prove otherwise.
  2. Well, time to say goodbye to my Dell M1210 (Dell forum, poster Sirius_GTO, posted 2/15/2007, 1,418 views, 51 replies)
    In this thread Sirius_GTO asks whether he should keep his Dell XPS M1210. It’s a great notebook, and he wants to keep it, but continual problems with the touchpad even after reformatting and being in touch with Dell support countless times leaves him with little choice to return the notebook — or should he keep trying? "I love this computer. absolutely. It really makes me sad to have to see it go. It’s honestly a thing of beauty."
  3. Toshiba A135-S2276 XP Upgrade Problems (Toshiba forum, poster chuck50dvdr, posted 2/11/2007, 1,358 views, 21 replies)
    So upgrading from Windows XP to Vista is a challenge in and of itself, chuck50dvdr bought a Toshiba Satellite A135 that comes pre-installed with Vista but he wants XP. Easy, just get an XP disc, wipe the machine and install XP right? Wrong, read about the nightmare this process involves.
  4. Best game ever. (Gaming forum, poster el_superhombre, posted 2/13/2007, 1,238 views, 64 replies)
    Like the title says, what’s your favorite game? el_superhombre wants you to vote on your favorite PC or video game ever, and people are chiming in. His personal selection? Resident Evil 2 for the Playstation, released in 1998.
  5. HP has no plans to support dv2000t users with Vista audio drivers!!! (HP forum, poster jadedraverla, posted 2/14/2007, 1,216 views, 23 replies)
    So you get your HP Vista upgrade for that dv2000t notebook you bought at Christmas that said "Vista Ready". But now you find out that within Vista the sound will be all messed up, and HP doesn’t think it’s really necessary to get that working. jadedraverla is rallying people to petition HP to do something about this.
  6. HP dv9235nr TV Tuner (HP forum, poster zack787, posted 2/13/2007, 1,104 views, 11 replies) is selling an HP dv9000 notebook with an internal TV tuner and zack787 wants some feedback from others as to whether this is worth the cost, how well does it work, and can you watch cable tv on it?
  7. DX10 laptops? (Gaming forum, poster asimo, posted 2/13/2007, 1,062 views, 20 replies)
    Simple question, no clear answer, when are we going to see laptops with graphics cards that support DX10? People just aren’t sure when these will be out and aren’t sure if it’s worth waiting for.
  8. Is a 17" too hefty for a student? (What Should I Buy forum, poster sadiqhassan, posted 2/12/2007, 1,010 views, 37 replies)
    sadighassan is a student in college and simply wants to know if a 17" laptop is too big to lug around campus. Users chime in on this popular debate.
  9. Asus rumble – Go Asus! (Asus forum, poster Starboss, posted 2/15/2007, 977 views, 28 replies)
    Starboss points out that while there aren’t any Asus notebooks on the "most popular" list for this site (on the left side of our homepage), everyone’s talking about Asus in the forum. Hmmm.
  10. Latest on Vista upgrade and drivers from HP (HP forum, poster HP_Total_Care, posted 2/16/2007, 888 views, 14 replies)
    An HP employee who goes by Anna is stopping by the NBR forum and updating people on the status of Vista upgrade discs from HP. Pretty darn cool that HP is reaching out and providing information through the forums. People appreciate it, way to be HP!

    and as an extra, 10 – 15 are:

  11. Dell 1505 – Go 7300 GS vs. X1400 (Dell forum, poster maciej, posted 2/16/2007, 863 views, 16 replies)
  12. My first bad DELL experience. (Dell forum, poster PhoenixFx, posted 2/12/2007, 832 views, 39 replies)
  13. Do Not Upgrade To Vista Ultimate Yet (Sony forum, poster Sharklover, posted 2/15/2007, 808 views, 13 replies)
  14. I quit…. WoW! (Gaming forum, poster rbdesign, posted 2/12/2007, 791 views, 41 replies)
  15. I see "invisible" keyboard on my screen (Sony forum, poster Ch28Kid, posted 2/17/2007, 789 views, 36 replies)


Looks like lots of complaint threads, which is normal, people naturally come to the forums with problems and looking for help or advice of course! But also some good old fashioned fun and geeky threads in there.

And for the sake of comparison, here’s our 5 most read threads ever!

  1. The Mobile Graphics Card Info Page – Updated 2/20 (Gaming forum, poster Chaz, posted 2/4/2006, 375,710 views, 987 replies)
  2. Acer Aspire 5020 Series AMD Turion 64 Notebook Review (Reviews forum, poster Jos, posted 6/1/2005, 276,911 views, 1015 replies)
  3. Wireless issues with Intel/Pro Wireless 2200BG (Wireless forum, poster yoin, posted 2/5/2005, 187,285 views, 528 replies)
  4. Dell Inspiron 9400 With Intel Duo Core Available (specs) (News forum, poster Andrew, posted 1/3/2006, 185,493 views, 1050 replies)
  5. Measure your Notebook CPU Speed (poster bootleg2go, posted 6/14/2004, 170,176 views, 969 replies)


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