Fujitsu PalmSecure Delivers Biometric Protection for Notebook Data

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While attending a recent press event in New York City, we checked out an exciting new security product from Fujitsu called the PalmSecure.  The new PalmSecure will officially be announced next month, but it has already made its debut on network television as a featured high-tech gadget on CSI New York.

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In getting a “hands on” demo (no pun intended) of the device, we could clearly see that the future of biometric data security will never be the same.

The device plugs right into your notebook via any USB port (view large image)

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Rather than scanning the fingerprint of an authorized user, the Palm Secure actually scans the pattern of veins running through the palm of the hand. To make things even more complicated (and more secure), the device also looks at the blood flowing through the veins. So if you are concerned that someone might decide to sever your hand and use it to access your MP3 collection or top secret government documents, fear not.

How it Works

Pictured here is the Palm Secure in its optional “stand” (view large image)

You can rest your palm on this stand while the reader scans the veins and blood flow in your palm (view large image)

In order to “scan” your palm, you simply place your hand above the PalmSecure and hold it steady. If you move your hand, the software will prompt you to keep your hand steady. Within a few seconds, the software displays an image that looks oddly like an actual x-ray.

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Unfortunately the “x-ray-like” image did not appear in our photo. However you can see the area where the image comes up briefly. You may observe from the main screen that the software interface is very simple to operate, perhaps even easier than some traditional biometric finger software interfaces.

The Palm Secure scanning offers a much more secure method of protection than any other device to date. Fujitsu stated the accuracy of a false rejection rate is 0.01% and a false acceptance rate of less than 0.00008 %.  This is significanly higher than current biometric finger scanners which have a false rejection rate of 5% or more.  The PalmSecure will also have a better chance of acceptace by the public for use at ATM banking terminal personal identification — the method is contactless and you don’t have to press your hand to a reader like with a finger scan.  People don’t like the idea of using fingerprint readers in public places due to sanity concerns among others.  Read more on this technology from Fujitsu here.


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