Forum Spotlight: Wireless Docking Upgrade, Custom Antivirus

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How to Secure-Erase an SSD

Would you like to restore the performance of your solid-state drive (SSD) to the way it was out of the box? You can, doing what’s called a secure erase. I described one way to do this in an earlier Forum Spotlight. Another guide now comes courtesy of @Vasudev, this time for the Linux fans. It also covers doing a secure erase of more advanced SSDs using the NVMe standard.Secure Erase SSD in Linux

As always, make sure you back up your data before erasing any drives! A secure erase is exactly what it sounds like; everything on the drive will be deleted.

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Can You Get a Virus from a Keyboard?

Paranoia is probably too strong of a word, but that’s what this question borders on. The thread asking this question has, perhaps unsurprisingly, racked up a significant number of views. The replies range from humorous to serious. The consensus amongst our experts is that it’s next to impossible, barring someone having the time and money (and motivation) to engineer some sort of malicious device to fit in your keyboard – and, somehow, install it without you noticing. It’s more likely you’ll get a physical (bodily) virus from using a keyboard, especially if it’s one of the less-than-sanitary examples in a public place.

Customized Protection: Avast Antivirus Guide

Speaking of security and getting viruses, you can protect yourself without spending anything. Windows 10 has built-in protection. For a dedicated solution, Avast is available as a free or paid antivirus software. Avast Antivirus Install

You can customize the install to install only the components you need. Forum member @Ultra Male wrote an easy-to-follow guide on getting it done.

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Wireless Docking: Can Your Notebook Do It?

Wireless docking has been around in the mainstream since about 2015, with the introduction of WiGig. This technology requires a special antenna built into your notebook, along with a WiGig-supporting wireless card.

WiGig Install

Not too many notebooks come with wireless docking support, so the question becomes, can you add it? There’s hope: Forum member @Starlight5 wrote an excellent guide to upgrading a notebook to support wireless docking. You should be able to determine from that whether your notebook can support the technology.

Alienware m15 and m17 Owners Talk

The “owner’s lounge” themed threads in our forum are excellent resources for information about the respective model. Alienware’s latest thin-and-light notebooks, the m15 and the m17, each have their own owners lounge thread …

Alienware m15 Owners Lounge

Alienware m17 Owners Lounge

Both models have generally received positive feedback. The highlights of these models include available Nvidia GeForce RTX 20-series graphics cards, sturdy quality, and otherworldly looks. The Alienware m15 currently starts at $1,299, while the Alienware m17 is pricier at $1,749. For even more power, look towards the Area-51m (starts at $2,149). Alienware m15

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