Brighthand and BargainPDA Create Leading Handheld Computing Website

by Reads (678) and have combined to create one of the largest handheld computing focused sites on the web, bringing the latest industry news, reviews and support to consumers around the world. Going forward the brand will prevail and the key personnel from both sites will continue with the combined site, including site management by Ed Hardy.

First off, we’re ecstatic about merging Brighthand and BargainPDA. I’d like to give credit to Steve Bush and Ed Hardy for building a tremendous site, a true authority when it comes to all handheld computing devices. As noted, Ed will continue to run the site and will cover the industry with his professional and on-point style. Steve, the founder of Brighthand, has decided to pursue other ventures; we wish him all the best, he has been instrumental in making sure the Brighthand transition has gone as flawlessly as possible.

So what becomes of the new Brighthand site? Well, aside from the design changes and a few new tools, we’re not planning on making any wholesale changes to the Brighthand or BargainPDA you’ve come to know and love. While we intend to expand the scope of the site to cover more handheld devices, you’re still going to get Ed’s editorials and reviews, reviews and irreverent news coverage from Adama and regular industry analysis from Antoine, our dedicated forums moderators and even yours truly. Since both and followed a parallel path when it comes to covering this industry, we think the site merge will come across very clean to site visitors and offer enhanced content to those that visited one site or the other, and an integrated experience for those who visited both sites. forums users will notice a few things off the bat. We’ve done away with the multiple logins and attempted to streamline the forums listings. users will notice a lot more activity, including nearly 1.3 million posts from the extensive forums knowledge base. All of the key forums moderators from both sites will be involved going forward, so we fully expect to continue the combined forums in a professional and helpful manner. If you do have any issues logging in, posting or have suggestions on how to make the experience better, you can post your thoughts here.

Enough about what I think though, the rest of the team is pretty pumped up too:

Ed HardyI believe the combination of the people from Brighthand and BargainPDA is going to create an unbeatable team. A larger staff is going to bring more in-depth news coverage and a much wider range of views in editorials. And, with the addition of people with years of experience using mobile devices of all kinds, there will be more time to devote to reviews of both hardware and software.

Adama BrownThe best way that I can summarize our new enterprise is with the word “more.” More contributors. More experience. More reviews. More clout with manufacturers to get you the real scoop. More inside information to keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the world of mobile technology. With the mobility market exploding, there’s more happening than ever before, and that means that the future is bright.

Antoine WrightOf the sites that I could have seen getting together, these two were a combination that I did not imagine. However, I think this is a really good thing not only for Brighthand and BargainPDA, but also for the mobile computing community as a whole. The news and editorials from these sites have always been at the top, and the community involvement will only get better because of the deal. Congrats to Brighthand and BargainPDA and the community that will visit the new combined effort.

Alan Grassia (Alan G)I’m excited about this announcement because it will help to both strengthen and grow the handheld community. As the mobile computing space changes, so to should the user community. In the month or so leading up to this announcement, there has been a lot of enthusiasm and dedication on the part of both the BargainPDA and Brighthand teams to ensure that you, our members, get the very best value from the combined website and your Smartphone or handheld. Welcome to the new Brighthand!  

Gordon (Bab2000)This will be great for the community because change must occur with all good products and services, otherwise, it will grow old and be forgotten.  As handheld technology evolves, a we look forward to running a discussion site that keeps pace with this change enabling all of our members to be in the “know.”  Additionally the combined forums will give users the ability to find answers, share solutions, and unlock the mysteries of our selected technology with a renewed vigor.

As I said, we’re very excited about bringing the premier handheld site on the web into our family of sites that already cover notebooks, Tablet PCs, digital cameras and SPOT devices. We’re honored to have you as part of this family and hope you make your way to our other sites. If we can do anything to make your experience with our sites better, please drop us a note.



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