Bogus Company L International Computer Announces Quad Core Laptop with 24 Hour Battery Life

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The trials and tribulations of "computer company" L International, formerly known as Liebermann Computers, is well documented on the internet as being bogus and never truly shipping products they claim to be making. They tend to make entertaining press releases about their latest product that might only be believed by gullible stock investors. In the latest press release they tout an upcoming Intel Quad core laptop with 24 hour battery life and keyboard that can change languages on the fly.

Here’s a link to the press release that L International made for their latest "prototype" portable computer. The company claims to be nearing completion on a laptop with the following rather amazing specs:

  • Based on Intel’s Quad -Core Processors (not yet released, and when they are an Intel Quad Core processor will initially cost $1,000+)
  • Featuring all-round PCI-Xpress bus architecture
  • Keyboardless design. Instead of a keyboard it uses a large secondary full-color and fully programmable high-resolution touch screen OLED display that functions as the keyboard with the following features:
    • Users can switch the keyboard to any language on the fly
    • Users can adjust precision-controlling parameters such as keystroke key speed and pressure.
    • Users can switch the displays instantly to gaming mode as virtual joysticks or any specific application such as music composition or video editing where the whole keyboard area can be programmed and called upon any specific application with customized controllers.
    • The OLED-based virtual keyboard can be reconfigured as needed as a programmable high-resolution multi-function flat-panels.
  • Next-generation PuRAM Solid State Drive Technology with largely improved in I/O and transfer speeds allied to record breaking low power consumption figures and extended long-term reliability (Flash Drives are currently only available in 16GB or 32GB capacity and cost $4,000 or so at such capacities)
  • The laptop will use new power sources like hot-swappable fuel cell batteries based on both hydrogen or methanol designs, providing up to 24 hours of continuing power and indefinite runs without any need for direct electrical recharging. (no feasible technology exists for any $ amount for such batteries yet)

Obviously these specs are all ridiculous for any laptop that could be produced or sold for under $20,000 anytime in the next couple of years. Just a few months ago this company went by Go-L, they now go by L International and have changed names several times in the past. Earlier this year this site published an article about a 20" laptop by a company called Go-L / Liebermann computer that was fairly fanciful — needless to say that notebook was never released or heard of again.

Liebermann Olympus 20

A 20" screen laptop Liebermann computer announced earlier in the year but was vaporware

This company has a bit of a history doing the same thing with announcing products that don’t exist. Witness articles on the,,,, and discussion from  There is also discussion regarding L International in our own forums here. Buyers and stock investors beware, but we look forward to future amusing press releases about space age laptop computers with SLI graphics, multi-core processors and 24 hour battery life. Feel free to visit their amusing website here.



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