AMD Introduces Radeon-Branded RAM

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AMD is breaking into a new market segment with its latest introduction – memory. The CPU and graphics manufacturer is now turning its sights to new memory, with AMD Radeon-branded RAM. The new memory is being sold across three different areas: business, consumer and enthusiast lineups.

Thus far, AMD has discussed the presence of 2GB DIMMs – a smart place to start considering that it’s the memory density chosen most often by both manufacturers and consumers. A 2GB DIMM allows most people to stuff their systems with sufficient memory to complete the majority of tasks, at a price that more people will find palatable.

AMD Radeon Memory

AMD has introduced its own brand of RAM with its own brand of hyperbole, as well. The company mentions that their memory is ideally suited for the same brands of CPU and APU products, but in reality – it’ll almost assuredly work well with any chip and motherboard combination that requires DDR3 RAM.

“Entertainment” memory will likely be the value-per-dollar winner in this round; faster “ULTRA PRO Gaming” will surely some unknown price increase. “Enterprise” RAM is largely unknown, but it may carry the highest price of all, under the guise of testing and compliance:

Segments Entertainment ULTRAPRO Gaming Enterprise
Density 2 GB
Organization 256M words x 64b, 1 rank
Package 240-pin socket type dual in line memory module

PCB Height

30.0 mm
Lead-free RoHS compliant and Halogen free
Power supply VDD = 1.5 +/- 0.075V
Data rate (MT/s) 1333 Mbps 1600 Mbps TBD
Timing (CL-tRCD-tRP) 9-9-9 11-11-11 TBD

Japanese tech site PC Watch made the discovery this week, managing to get a couple of pictures of the new RAM. Of note is the fact that this does not at all seem to be a case of AMD simply putting their name onto a product manufactured by a third party – as is often the case. Instead, each individual memory chip is etched with the AMD logo, making the case more interesting.

If AMD is now getting into the memory business, is it really that far out to suggest we might be seeing an AMD SSD at some point in the near future? Memory companies have barged onto the storage scene quite successfully, thanks in no small part to their pre-existing fab capabilities. Intel has certainly seen some success in the market, so it’s strange to think that AMD might be seeing a little green.

The Japanese prices for the 2GB sticks were reported to hover around the equivalent of $20.36 or so – making the new memory nothing if not affordable. As AMD prepares to launch yet another new microarchitecture this fall, might we see the RAM alongside? We’ll have to wait to find out, but it’s an interesting and strategic move for the No.2 x86 chip maker.




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