TechnologyGuide provides fast, complete access to useful and relevant product news, reviews and evaluations. Unlike other tech websites, we take a true lifecycle approach to product coverage. We follow key technologies from initial introductions and availability through first-look impressions, full reviews and head-to-head comparisons with hands on experts in specific areas. Further completing the lifecycle, we cover every aspect that impacts hardware purchases including software, applications and services. For marketers, this creates an unmatched opportunity to promote their brand directly to motivated buyers throughout the product coverage lifecycle.

TechnologyGuide news, reviews and evaluations help buyers select the right product or solution by testing these products and recommending those that are a best fit for their needs.

 We have a strong global network of expert columnists and contributors specializing in specific technology areas like consumerization, chip architecture, wireless connectivity and software applications. They get up front and close with new and emerging products, routinely keeping our audience ahead of the market.

TechnologyGuide provides a variety of editorial to consumer and business buyers, including:

  • New product and technology news, with an emphasis on going well beyond the press release by adding information from industry experts, sources and our own Discussion Forums.
  • Product review 'First Looks' that offer an early hands-on glimpse of new and emerging technology from both an expert and everyday user perspective.
  • Full reviews and evaluations that take a detailed approach to testing products in our labs under controlled circumstances and using widely-accepted test procedures. Often, we test products in the field to rate the real world usability of a device.
  • Head-to-head comparisons that take a close look at similar products to rate which are best and which may be a better buy in terms of features, functions and application.
  • Special Reports that focus on key technology topics and provide strategic buying information that can be used for both short-term and long-range purchase planning. These reports also include links to related product reviews across the TechnologyGuide sites, and often incorporate feedback and comments from experts and users in our Discussion Forums.
  • TechnologyGuide also produces a number of seasonal and event-based Special Reports, including an annual Holiday Buyers Guide, Summer Vacation Tech, Executive Summer Tech, Back to School Buyers Guide, and Moms, Dads and Grads report and product guide. We also produce Special Reports that target important technology events, like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), CTIA Wireless, Mobile World Congress (Europe), and other business- and consumer technology-related events.
  • Our editors also produce content that is designed to educate and inform readers to help them make more intelligent purchase decisions or make better use of their existing technology by adding new components and devices. These include The Pulse series, which taps into trends and thoughts from our Discussion Forums, and "How To" articles.
  • TechnologyGuide editors also point to products generating the most interest and the latest product buys in monthly Most Popular series and our Deal of the Week articles, all in an effort to provide the best and most useful information to readers in the market for new technology.

Custom Publishing

Bringing Information to the Point of Action

TechnologyGuide's custom publishing program works with key vendors to present a series of custom publishing efforts that target important areas of both hardware and software. We work with clients to fine tune their ideas and develop effective custom publishing projects that help position their message and deliver valuable and useful content to TechnologyGuide's audience. The result is a content package that attracts a qualified buying community and firmly positions a client's message for success.

The content is researched and written by experienced and respected journalists who presently contribute to a range of elite business publications and Web sites, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, Fortune, Forbes ASAP, The Boston Globe, and The Harvard Business Review.

These writers work closely with vendors and technology marketers to present their technology and branding messages to TechnologyGuide's highly-motivated readership.

90% of consumers and business professionals rely on custom publishing and content as sources for critical information.

78% of consumers and 74% of business professionals who read custom content believe it is a more effective vehicle than traditional advertising for companies to present and talk about products, technology concepts and competitive strategies.

2013 TechnologyGuide Special Reports Schedule

JANUARY 4G: Taking Extreme Speeds to New Limits 01.31.13
FEBUARY Wait for 8 Special Report: Microsoft's New OS 02.6.13
MARCH Mobile World Congress 2012 03.1.13
APRIL Moms, Dads & Grads 04.18.13
MAY Green Technology 5.21.13
JUNE Executive Summer Tech & Consumer Summer Tech 06.18.13
JULY Back to School Technology 07.23.13
AUGUST Getting in the Game 08.20.13
SEPTEMBER Ultrabooks in Business 09.17.13
OCTOBER Storage Solutions & Alternatives 10.16.12
NOVEMBER Holiday Buyer's Guides 11.12.12
DECEMBER CES 2013 12.17.12