CES First Look: Lenovo Supports PC Lineup with Accessories Including Link and Yoga Mouse

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In addition to Lenovo’s upgraded line of ThinkPads and Consumer products, the company has introduced an array of new accessories. With everything from ThinkPad branded earbuds, to gaming peripherals to brand new mobility solutions, the company is taking a strong stance on supporting its current roster of devices.

The Missing Link

lenovo-link-32gbThe Lenovo Link 32GB doesn’t look all that special at first glance. It looks  a lot like your typical storage dongle, with a full-sized USB port that connects to your PC on end, and a microUSB used to connect to your smartphone on the other. However, when paired with Lenovo’s software package the Link is capable of virtualizing your smartphone directly onto your computer.

The concept isn’t all that dissimilar to Samsung’s SideSync function, but where SideSync only works with Galaxy Smartphones and Ativ PCs, the Link is compatible with any PC and smartphone running on Android Lollipop (5.0 or higher), as long as both devices have the software installed.

The Link allows for full virtualization, meaning that users can easily play their mobile games on the big screen or seemlessly transfer their files. Users can even copy text from their PC and past it directly into text documents on their phone if they want.  The speed and ease connecting devices makes the Link a great solution,when trying to quickly move data from one device to the other, and 32GB makes the Link a perfect substitute for your traditional USB stick.

The Link will be made available starting in March 2016 and will be available for $40.

A Wireless Mouse with a Twist

DSC03093The Lenovo Yoga Mouse is a relatively simple contraption, but it’s also ingenious. The Windows 10-compatible peripheral utilizes a bending hinge design that’s somewhat reminiscent of the company’s convertible laptop. When being used as a mouse the, device is bent at the hinge, providing a comfortable form factor for your hand. The real beauty is that the Yoga mouse can the bottom half can be rotated 180 degrees, making the device flat and easy to fit into your bag when traveling.

But that isn’t all. Turning the bottom hinge also activates a touch panel on the bottom of the mouse, turning it into a wireless remote. The area where NBR can really see this tech shining is the conference room. Use the mouse to pull up your presentation, and then simply rotate the bottom hinge to begin presenting.

DSC03082The Yoga Mouse is outfitted with a lot of the features you’d expect from a high-quality wireless mouse. It offers an on board battery, that will last for about a month with a two hour charge, according to Lenovo. The device can connect either via a 2.4GHz (with a USB dongle) for added precision, or Bluetooth 4.0 for speed and ease, and the sensor offers a 1,600 DPI (dots per linear inch) sensitivity. Similar to the Lenovo Yoga 900 and 900S the Yoga Mouse will be available in Silver, Gold and Champagne color options.   

The Yoga Mouse will be made available for purchase starting in April for $70 in the United States.

Gaming Goodies

DSC03071In addition to the Yoga Mouse, Lenovo was also showing off their new Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse. The wired gaming peripheral is striking different though, with a dark black plastic construct and red LED lighting. The mouse bears Lenovo’s new Y gaming logo, as a strip of LED lights hug along the inside right mouse button and extend towards the center of the mouse to create the insignia.

The mouse boasts a moderate optical sensor with 4,000 DPI sensitivity and two mouse buttons along the left side. The key feature is the ability to instantly switch the mouse’s DPI with a button near the mouse wheel. It’s a welcomed feature, but NBR would have liked to see some physical representation whether it be an audio cue or a message on screen to let users know when they have altered their settings. The reason for this being that it’s easy to accidentally hit that button switching your settings by mistake. The last thing you want in a close game is to have your settings change without your knowledge. Still it’s a great offer, especially for the affordable price tag.

The Lenovo Y Gaming Stereo Headset shares a lot of the same design elements as the mouse, with the black carbon fiber finished casing and red cushioned ear pieces. Another red cushioned strip also runs along the top of the adjustable band. I got a chance to put the headset on briefly and is decently comfortable, but it doesn’t meld to your head the way some higher-end gaming headsets do. The headset utilized 50mm stereo sound drivers and houses a retractable MIC in along the bottom of the left ear piece.

DSC03051Lenovo is also offering a stylish new Lenovo Y Gaming Armored Backpack. The carrying bag has three dedicated storage compartments and is capable of housing a 17-inch gaming laptop with ease. Each compartment is outfitted with ample padding to ensure that both device and peripherals remain undamaged. The bag also sports the same unified gaming aesthetic from the rest of the Lenovo new Y gaming line, with the dark black tones, protective armored front casing and the Y graphic on it’s face.

All three products will be made available in May 2016. The Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse, Y Gaming Stereo Headset and Y gaming Armored Backpack will be available for $40, $50 and $90 respectively in the United States.

Stacks on Stacks

07thinkpadstackprojectorherosmallformfactorLenovo’s innovative line of ThinkPad Stack accessories got two new additions at this year’s CES. The first is Lenovo’s ThinkPad Stack Projector. The mini projector offers a 150 lumens of brightness and can produce a 720p image. The one caveat of the projector is that it always has to be on top of the stack. That makes sense though considering it houses touch controls on top, though users can opt to control the projector with a Android phone. The projector has on board speakers (though admittedly they’re pretty weak) along with a battery capable of producing a few hours of battery life. The projector also comes with a stand, making the projector perfectly capable of being self reliant, but like most Stack accessories it’s better when paired with the others. The projector offers HDMI input, and also supports both Miracast and Airplay making it easy to stream content directly from your smartphone.

Lenovo’s second addition, is the ThinkPad Stack Charging Pad. Similar to the projector the Qi charger is designed to be placed at the top of any stack. The unit allows for wireless charging perfect for smartphones and tablets, and is capable of either pulling power from the bottom of the stack via a 1000 mAH power pack or directly from the the wall.

Both the ThinkPad Stack Mobile Projector and ThinkPad Stack Charging Pad will be made available starting in April 2016 for $400 and a $50 respectively.



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