Black Friday Deals, Alienware Tax, Fastest DDR4 RAM, & More from the NBR Forums

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What’s the Alienware tax? What’s the fastest DDR4 RAM available, and how can I install it? What can we expect from the Black Friday sales?

The NotebookReview forum is bursting with notebook expertise. It’s an invaluable resource for notebook buying advice, personal tech troubleshooting, and discussions centered on all things computing, especially PC gaming. Here’s a roundup of the latest trending topics and buying advice.

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I’m Confused, What Brand’s Gaming Laptop Should I Buy?

If the many gaming laptop brands has you confused, never fear. The NBR forum can help you find exactly what you want, within the budget you’re working with. One user with a $2000 budget considering the Alienware brand got a dose of information on the benefits of choosing MSI, Asus or Clevo to avoid the prohibitive “Alienware tax.” Further advice on where and how to purchase was offered in this thread, which is a must-read for all first-time gaming laptop buyers.

Need Help Choosing a Laptop to Run ANSYS Maxwell

ANSYS Maxwell is a heavy-duty software tool used by engineers. Considering that a standard laptop may be insufficient to run the program, but are there any graphics cards out there better equipped to handle the heavy load?

This was the point of discussion raised by an NBR forum user looking for a machine to complete his master’s thesis. The Lenovo ThinkPad P, Dell Precision, and HP Zbook with AMD FirePro or Nvidia Quadro installed were recommended.

Help in Choosing a Laptop

Dell XPS 15 2016Even in the face of small budgetary constraints, NBR forum contributors are always up to the task of helping out.

One user seeking a laptop in the $600 to $700 range for coding, gaming development, programming, and light gaming was recommended to check out the Dell Latitude E5570 or XPS15 9550, with the added caveat: “At that price point, you’re not going to get a lot of build quality (or horsepower) in a typical consumer laptop. Business class refurbished is about as good as it gets, but they aren’t pretty.”

Maxed Out Memory after Refreshing Win 7

The world will never be rid of mysteriously malfunctioning computers, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel and buy a new one.

One user attempting to fix a laptop suffering inexplicable high memory usage after a Windows 7 reinstall got some troubleshooting tips, including links to helpful articles on getting to the root of the problem.

Fastest DDR4 RAMs for Notebooks

ddr4 ramIf the fastest RAM offered by the Alienware 17 is 2667 MHz and that’s just not fast enough for you, should you live with it or try the upgrade on your own? It all depends on your level of expertise.

According to NBR forum user Zoltan, “You can swap the RAM on your own as long as you know how to tear down the whole machine, but if not, then you better buy it already installed.” Further feedback centered on potential RAM replacement candidates in the 3000 MHz range, but the question remained if Alienware notebooks would even support them.

Black Friday Discounts?

Black Friday is already on the advance, and so are gamers looking to save money with possible online savings. Unfortunately, there may not be that many big savings on the way, especially where Alienware laptops are concerned. This thread covers a variety of topics related to the universal search for maximum gaming at minimal cost—and the price of sacrificing quality for cash.

Help Getting 3000MHz RAM to Boot in P750DM2

A user who installed a 32GB 3000MHz Corsair RAM kit in his Clevo P750DM2 had issues booting in XMP, and got some helpful walk-throughs by the more adept forum contributors.

Instructions included changing the default RAM timing and performing a full CMOS/NVRAM reset—not necessarily a route recommended for the inexperienced, but a useful thread for those seeking better insight into how a bit of tinkering can result in reduced latency and increased performance.

Sudden FPS Drop P151SM-A

Unexpected framerate drops during gameplay can baffle even the more experienced gamers, but for newbies, it’s a situation worth asking advice over. Suggested solutions included everything from updating/reinstalling the latest Nvidia drivers to performing a BIOS update. Read the full details in this thread.

bluetoothAzureWave Broadcom BCM94352HMB Bluetooth Driver for Vaio VPCZ13

The difference between downloading the right bit version on drivers is imperative, as one user discovered after buying and installing an AzureWave Broadcom BCM94352HMB PCI-E card in his Vaio VPCZ13 notebook, and then discovering inoperable Bluetooth. A partial remedy was discovered, which involved downloading the Broadcom 64-bit drivers, but issues persisted with the Bluetooth occasionally being unable to connect to certain devices. Head over here to input your feedback.

How To Use Bluetooth in XP Sony Vaio PCG6N1L aka VGN-SZ330P

On performing a clean install of Windows XP Pro on a XP Sony Vaio PCG6N1L laptop formerly running Windows 7, a new NBR forum user reported inoperable Bluetooth performance. Some general remedies were suggested, but ultimately it came down to strongly urging the OP to upgrade away from XP and back to Windows 7, then Windows 10.

“Wireless communication is kinda broken/unstable in XP,” wrote OverTallman. Have a suggestion? Pay a visit to this thread and put in your two cents.



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