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The NotebookReview forum is bursting with notebook expertise. It’s an invaluable resource for notebook buying advice, personal tech troubleshooting, and discussions centered on all things computing, especially PC gaming. Here’s a roundup of the latest trending topics and buying advice.

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Asus ROG Gl502VM vs Sager NP8152-S

Sager NP8152-S

Sager NP8152-S

Choosing your first gaming laptop isn’t a small decision, especially when you’ll be slapping down $1500 to get the best your budget can buy. If the choice were between an Asus ROG G1502VM and a Sager NP8152-S, which would you choose?

The consensus from the crowd moved in favor of all things Sager/Clevo due to higher build quality, better customer support, and the Sager 2-year warranty that beats ROG’s 1-year. This thread is packed with information from experienced gamers on not only what to buy, but where.

What Should I Buy, Asus or Dell?

Newbies arrive at the NBR forum all the time for helpful advice on buying new notebooks. In the areas of use for design, coding, programming and light gaming, Asus won out over Dell in the opinions of some who cited greater reliability data. But, as one user put it after recommending higher-end Dell and HP notebooks like the Latitude, Precision, ZBook and Elitebook, “You get what you pay for. Laptops are no exception.”

Need Advice on this Configuration

Visiting the NBR forum is a bit like having your own staff of experienced eggheads on hand to help with all and any purchasing decisions. User Mouse0 found this out after posing a question about the Origin EON17-X 9-Series gaming laptop. The thread also covered topics like the benefits of matte screens and PCIEs vs. SATA SSD drives.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The recently-released action RPG “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” is living up to its name with respect to the reception from gamers. Some, like OP mtness, love the freedom of exploration and the added difficulty of moving on to higher levels. Others, like user saturnotaku, dislike it for its “clunky interface” and the fact it’s challenging to the point of being unfair.

Laying differences of opinion aside, the conversation turned to the game’s demanding hardware requirements, which some users claim drops fps resolution from 60 to the low-40s. If you’ve played the game, join the conversation.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

”The Hopeful of Keeping MXM 3.0b Alive” Thread!

Laptop enthusiast King of Interns kicked off a lively discussion in a post aimed at keeping the hope of a new MXM 3.0b card alive. “Keeping to the 3.0b spec simply allows many of us to upgrade to newer tech on the cheap,” he said, but not all agree that development would be in the best interest of innovation.

User J.Dre hit a resonant note when he said, “MXM has its limitations and we’d be supporting ‘holding back’ innovation in favor of our own selfish need to maintain upgradeability, all to save a few bucks.” Pitch in your two cents and get ready for some lengthy, illuminating reading.

Alienwarem7700Stay Away from Alienware – Previous Owner

Alienware laptops get high ratings for gaming, but if you’re looking for driver support for installing a newer operating system, you’re out of luck. One hapless user discovered this after attempting to install Windows 10 on his M18x R2: “Dell/AW completely does not support Windows 10 on any laptops that came from the factory with an older OS.”

Other users reported more hair-raising horror stories, such as a new machine that was unable to be fixed due to the manufacturer no longer offering replacement parts. Similar shared woes led to a multi-page thread documenting the many customer support failures of Dell. Read more here.

Asus ROG GL502VS

What’s the difference between an Asus ROG GL502VS and the GL502VT, GL502VY, and GL502VM models? And more importantly, which would best serve the purpose of enabling World of Warcraft-level gaming and running editing programs? Helpful NBR forum users provided a newbie laptop user with some helpful advice on picking the appropriate laptop.

Anyone Else Disappointed?

The elimination of GPU upgradeability for many new model Alienware and Clevo gaming laptops has left a lot of hardcore users seeing red, and others just plain blue, as evidenced by this extensive thread that calls out Dell and Clevo for what could best be characterized as egregious disregard for the demands of their dedicated user bases.

NBR forum contributor jclausius sent out the plea: “I don’t know if there are channels in place to get this back to Clevo, but hopefully someone at Clevo is listening.”

P670RE Overheating

User srx hit the NBR forum to find out if anyone else had experienced overheat failure while gaming with League of Legends and streaming YouTube in the background. According to the OP, the CPU hit temperatures in excess of 100 Celsius (212 Fahrenheit)!

Troubleshooting suggestions included a repaste, even though the notebook is only 4 months old. “At times, the factory applied thermal paste sucks,” wrote user sirana, adding, “Many people here recommend repasting yourself with IC Diamond (good for beginners, easy to apply and effective) as soon as you get the notebook shipped.” Another user suggested checking the heatsink assembly if repasting doesn’t work.

MSI GT73Clevo P775DM3 or MSI GT73

Unconfirmed rumors that Clevo is testing out 120hz displays may be reason to choose Clevo over MSI, but if time is of the essence and you can’t wait for that to come to fruition, what should you do? One user asked for honest comparisons between the Clevo P775DM3 and the MSI GT73 and got a host of replies – many recommending Clevo for the inclusion of a desktop CPU, but others warning that it may run a little hot when maxed out at full gaming capacity.

Should I Buy a XPS 15 or Wait for the New MBP Later on This Year?

Few NBR forum users recommended the Macbook Pro over Dell’s XPS 15, as one user found out when he came to the forums asking for opinions on which direction to go.

The argument against the Macbook Pro (lots of throttling and heat in gameplay) seemed to outweigh the argument in favor (Mac’s Apple Care program). The Precision 5510 came more strongly recommended than the XPS 15, most notably for the attached Dell Business Class Service. “Dell Business Support beats anything Apple offers hands down,” said user Kent T.



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