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It’s Asus vs Alienware! Asus GL702VM or Clevo P670RP6? Which is the best Clevo reseller?

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Asus vs Alienwar


ASUS vs Alienware

With nearly-identical specs, the Asus ROG G752VS and the Alienware 17 are about $25 apart in price. It’s Asus vs Alienware, so which is really the better gaming laptop?

Some users derided the Asus for being tough to disassemble, thermal paste defects, and bad warranty service; but the lack of G-Sync in the Alienware is a noted concern. Most users recommended steering away from either laptop, opting instead for the Clevo P670 as a preferred option. Check out the lengthy discussion here.

Which Clevo Reseller Should I Use?

The “major” Clevo resellers number close to a half dozen. Choosing the right reseller could make a difference with respect to quality assurance and build quality, which could lead to lower operational temperature. So given the choice between Xotic, HIDevolution, LPC Digital, Origin PC, and Mythlogic, which is most highly recommended, and why? Find the answers in this informative thread.

Dual Hard Drive Laptops?

Some users prefer laptops with dual hard drives, with one drive dedicated to housing software programs and the other drive for storing data. With that in mind, which 17-inch models available today fit the bill?

The market is limited with respect to 17-inch laptops that offer dual HDDs. Overall, HDD + SSD is more common, as well as advisable.

According to one user, “An HDD + SSD option would not only dramatically increase your possible choice of notebooks [but] would also increase the system speed a great deal if you only put data on the HDD.”

Check out this thread for the full discussion.

Very Slow 1070m Issues

A user with a Sager/Clevo running 1070m reported a mysterious and dramatic drop in framerates during gameplay after a single month of ownership. After issues of possible overheating and Control Center settings were ruled out as the cause of FPS falling from 125 to 40, the user returned his laptop to the manufacturer and got an answer even stranger than the problem itself. Read the thread to learn the conclusion.

Dell Inspiron 7559

Dell Inspiron 7559

Dell Inspiron 7559 no Longer Available, Now I’m in Trouble

After learning the Dell Inspiron 7559 he ordered was “no longer available due to the lack of some components,” one user came to the NBR forum seeking a similarly-priced laptop running 960m. When the suggested MSI GL62 turned out to be a no-go due to limited viewing angles, the hunt resumed for an Inspiron 7559, with a positive outcome. Check out the thread for this issue’s resolution.

Asus GL702VM or Clevo P670RP6 (Or Other)

Comparing gaming laptops can be tough, which is why the NBR forum exists. One user, having narrowed down the choice between the Asus GL702VM and Clevo P670RP6, found pros and cons to both: Asus is lighter and slimmer, but Clevo offers the ability to switch graphics between discrete and integrated for longer battery life. Issues with Asus overheating were brought up, leading to arguments in favor of Clevo. Read this informative thread if you’re in a similar predicament.

NP8153-S Review

After NBR forum contributor Equatis posted his video review of the Sager NP8153/Clevo P650, viewers piped up with a volley of questions, comments, and feedback. Topics covered included noticeable backlight bleeding on the monitor, chassis issues, the built-in laptop modem specs, and questions on the availability of firmware upgrades. Watch the video for an up-close view of the NP8153 and leave your feedback.

Novice Looking for Help Equipping a Gaming Laptop

Newbies seeking high performing gaming laptops in the range of $2500 can get some good pointers in this thread, which covers a variety of inclusions necessary for optimum gaming: SSD for faster booting and game loading times; preferred makes and models of drives (including a discussion on SATA vs. SSD); the differences between 1070 and 1080; and what qualifies as sufficient RAM. Visit this thread if you’re also a novice seeking a good gaming laptop.

Looking for BLACK Ultrabook/Notebook, Glossy FHD or Better Screen, 13 to 15 inches, Decent Speakers

Can you get a 13- to 15-inch notebook with good quality speakers that’ll last you at least three years for $850, in all black, with absolutely no other colors? It’s not as easy as you might think.

The Dell Latitude E5470 comes close, but the silver hinges ruin the aesthetic; and even the Lenovo T460 has red highlights on the track pad. To achieve the all-black look could cost you an extra few hundred bucks, and the Dell XPS 13 ranked at the top of most people’s lists. Read this colorful thread for all the details.



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