All-In-One Review

HP TouchSmart 610 Review

HP has been working on the TouchSmart line of products for some time now, and the refinement shown in the new TouchSmart 610 tells that story better than any commercial.[...] Read full article

Dell Review

Dell XPS 8300 First Look Review

For a large part of the last decade, Dell's XPS systems reigned supreme within that company when it came to performance, gaming and design, only to be subsumed within the[...] Read full article

Desktop Review

Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II (6TB) Review

Now that 3TB hard drives are a matter of course, the big storage companies are updating their lines of both internal and external offerings to support the size. WD did[...] Read full article

All-In-One Review

HP TouchSmart 610 First Look Review

The TouchSmart line from HP has always held something of a special place here at DTR. A 23-inch display sits on top of the TouchSmart 610, promising a world of[...] Read full article

Desktop Review

Lenovo ThinkVision L2321x Wide Review

Although Lenovo isn't one of the first names that springs to mind when it comes to display technology, that doesn't stop them from continually refreshing their products. The latest model,[...] Read full article

All-In-One Review

Lenovo IdeaCentre A700 Review

Lenovo's IdeaCentre A700 is the star of Lenovo's 'A' Series all-in-one lineup. Breathing down Apple's neck, can Lenovo succeed where others have failed and take over the all-in-one market through[...] Read full article

Desktop Review

Western Digital MyBook 3.0 External Hard Drive Review

The Western Digital (WD) MyBook 3.0 brings together one of the most reputable brands in the storage industry with one of the fastest transfer standards available on the market today.[...] Read full article

Desktop Review

Lenovo Essential H320 Desktop Review

Just as Lenovo inches up on Apple's heels in the all-in-one market comes the release of their new small form factor consumer desktop, the H320. Focused on providing a solid[...] Read full article

Desktop Review

Dead Space 2 Review

Gaming has come a long way from the days when companies were forced to hide blood and gore behind a code fervently typed into controllers by teenage boys looking for[...] Read full article

AMD Review

Dell Inspiron Zino HD Review (Late 2010 Update)

Dell's little box that could has been humming along for a year now, offering Windows users a similar experience to the one that Mac Mini buyers have enjoyed. Replete with[...] Read full article