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Dell Review

Alienware M11x R2 Review

Dell enjoyed overnight success with the Alienware M11x earlier this year. This 11-inch notebook outperforms many larger laptops and is priced below $1000. Unfortunately for Dell, consumers quickly started asking[...] Read full article

Dell Review

E3 2010: Alienware M11x Core i7 Hands-On Review (with Video)

While E3 has long since become a console-focused electronics show, the PC gaming industry still makes its presence known - look no further than Alienware's two-story metal monstrosity of a[...] Read full article

Toshiba Review

Toshiba Qosmio X505 Review

Aimed at both media enthusiasts and gamers, the Qosmio X505 is Toshiba's largest and most powerful desktop replacement machine featuring a quad core processor and a mid-range nVidia GPU. Does[...] Read full article

Asus Review

ASUS G73JH Review

The G73 is the latest gaming notebook in ASUS successful G-series product line. This 17.3-inch monster has a Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and the most powerful mobile video[...] Read full article

Dell Review

Alienware M11x Review

The new Alienware M11x is the latest gaming laptop from Dell's Alienware team and might be the best thing to happen to PC gaming this year. This impressive little box[...] Read full article

Dell Review

Alienware m15x Review

The M15x is Alienware's latest gaming notebook, featuring an Intel Core i7 processor, 15.6-inch screen, and Nvidia GTX 260M graphics. Is this monster worth its asking price? Read our review[...] Read full article

Dell News

Review Update: Dell Inspiron 11z

After our less-than-enthusiastic review of the Dell Inspiron 11z, we decided to take a second look at this budget-priced ultraportable notebook. The "new" Inspiron 11z promises to kick things into[...] Read full article

Asus Review

ASUS G51J Review

The G51J is the latest 15-inch gaming notebook from ASUS, sporting the new Intel Core i7 mobile processor and Windows 7 operating system. This notebook shares a lot of features[...] Read full article

Dell Review

Alienware m17x Review

The M17x is Alienware's flagship gaming notebook. It features a stealthy design, aluminum chassis, and a customizable lighting system. Our review unit is packed to the gills with dual Nvidia[...] Read full article

Dell Review

Dell Inspiron 11z Review

The Inspiron 11z is a new netbook from Dell, hoping to change the way we think of the ultra-portable segment. Instead of using the long-favored Intel Atom processor, Dell decided[...] Read full article