Gaming Laptops Buyers Guide

Whether you’re a high school student who loves to spend all your free time playing the latest PC games or an adult who just can’t get enough of that realistic first-person shooter game, if you want to be able to enjoy modern video games with the latest 3D graphics there simply isn’t an alternative to buying a gaming notebook. Gaming notebooks are focused on providing a high-performance laptop platform for rendering high-resolution graphics at frame rates that generally exceed 30 frames per second for a real-to-life gaming experience.

Most gaming notebooks come equipped with the fastest processors and the most advanced dedicated graphics cards available for laptops. Sure, you can play solitaire on a budget-priced general purpose notebook, but if you want to play the latest zombie-killing shooter then you need a good processor and even better graphics. Until recently all gaming notebooks were either 17-inch or 15-inch desktop replacement notebooks since high-performance CPUs and the latest graphics cards required massive cooling fans and heatsinks to keep those power-hungry components from overheating. More recently we are starting to see ultraportable gaming notebooks with 11-inch screens that allow you to play cutting-edge games on the road and still have several hours of battery life. Ultraportable gaming notebooks don’t offer the same level of performance as larger gaming notebooks, but these laptops still deliver a more enjoyable gaming experience than a general purpose laptop.

Gaming notebooks usually come equipped with lots of system memory, massive hard drives for storing lots of video games, and sometimes even high-speed Solid State Drives (SSDs) for extremely fast system start up, and even faster loading speeds for games. Prices for gaming notebooks run the range from just under $1,000 to more than $4,000 for some of the custom-built gaming rigs with the latest generation of multi-core processors and graphics cards.

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