Wireless 2009 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Wireless Articles for 2009

Toshiba Intros Wireless Docking Station

Toshiba today introduced its universal dynadock, a wireless USB docking station.

How It Works: Networking

The "How it Works" series returns with the installment every laptop owner fears: networking. Should notebook users care about having an Ethernet jack? What type of Wi-Fi connections are more[...]

Nokia Unveils its First Netbook, Booklet 3G

Nokia today unveiled its first netbook, the Booklet 3G.

Sprint Offers Dell Netbook For $200 w/ Contract

Sprint today started offering a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook for $199.99 with a two-year data service agreement and a $100 mail-in rebate.

Dell to Add GPS to Mini 10

Dell today announced that it will add its Dell Wireless 700 location solution to the Inspiron Mini 10 netbook next week.

New Attack Cracks Wi-Fi Security in One Minute

Scientists in Japan claim they have developed a way to crack WPA Wi-Fi encryption in about one minute.

Wireless Card Shortage Coming

A DigiTimes report states that there will be a shortage of built-in wireless LAN card modules after March.

Verizon to Offer Sony VAIO P?

Verizon's website has leaked that the company may be offering the Sony VAIO P notebook/netbook for $299.99 with a service plan.

WiMAX Now Available on Select Dells Studio XPS & Studio

A WiMAX mobile broadband module is now available on several Dell notebooks, including the Studio 15 and 17 and Studio XPS 16.

AT&T to Offer Samsung Go Netbook

Beginning 22 Nov AT&T will be offering a Samsung Go netbook for $199 after mail-in rebate and 2-year DataConnect service contract.

Northern Michigan University Rolls Out WiMAX

Northern Michigan University has announced that it has rolled out a WiMAX network for students and staff.