Windows 8 2013 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Windows 8 Articles for 2013

Acer Aspire S7 (2013) Review

Acer updates the Aspire S7 ultrabook making improvements to battery life and performance. Keep reading to see if the new S7 is worth your holiday cash.

Asus Transformer Book T100 To Be an Inexpensive Windows 8.1 Hybrid Laptop with a ”Bay Trail” Atom Processor

Asus will soon release a full-size Windows 8.1 tablet with a keyboard. While that's nothing groundbreaking, what is surprising about the Transformer Book T100 is the price: $350.

Microsoft: Windows 8.1 Coming on October 17th

Promising to fix some of the most egregious annoyances users had with Windows 8, Microsoft has announced that Windows 8.1 will ship in just a few short weeks.

Windows 8 is Dead in the Water. Or is it?

One set of analytics says Windows 8 isn't attracting customers, another set of data says Microsoft is doing just fine.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review: Better Than Expected

Most people weren't impressed by the original Microsoft Surface and Windows RT, but keep reading to find out why the newest Surface is "a notebook in a tablet's body."

Microsoft Sets ‘Windows Blue’ Release For Later This Year

Microsoft will release 'Windows Blue' later this year, and the update will respond to customer feedback about Windows 8 and RT, said a Microsoft senior executive.

Can Microsoft Win Over Windows XP Clingers?

XP support eXPires in a year and Microsoft wants people to move. Why won't they?

WinZip 18 Unveiled for Home Users & Enterprises

Enabled for Windows 8.1, the new version of Corel's compression and encryption software for consumers and businesses brings cool features like Cloud Links and Express Add-Ons.