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Popular Windows Articles for 2013

How to Bring the Start Button Back to Windows 8

Windows 8 is good - but some of us can't get past the lack of a Start button. Check out our list of programs that'll let you get it back.

Windows Blue May Be Called Windows 8.1, Due Out this Summer

Last year, Microsoft promised to speed up the release schedule for Windows updates, and it's clear they're living up to that promise.

Want to Fix the Start Button in Windows 8? So Does Microsoft.

Between rumors and reports, it looks like Microsoft is at least considering bringing back the Start button and desktop modes to Windows. Should they?

On Comcast? Like to Torrent? You Might Think Twice with New Anti-Piracy Measures

With the new "Six Strikes" policy taking effect at multiple American ISPs this week, it's still unknown how Internet providers will handle users who fail to respond. At least one[...]

Can Oracle Remain Java’s Steward?

Oracle is a giant in the software world and invaluable to businesses, but its track record with Java is getting worse by the day.

Windows 8: 60 Million Units Shipped So Far

Microsoft says Windows 8 sales are on track with Windows 7, but that's not the whole story.

Windows 8.1 Build 9385 Leaks, Shows Off Windows 8 Lockscreen Apps, More

Microsoft rarely has an easy time keeping new versions of Windows under wraps, and it's looking like Windows 8.1 isn't any different.

Microsoft Updates Skype for Windows 8

After acquiring VoIP powerhouse Skype, Microsoft wasted no time on incorporating the software into its latest operating system. The downside? It's been a little feature barren.

China Passed the U.S. to Become World’s Biggest PC Market in 2012

China beats the U.S. in terms of most PCs sold - good news for desktop manufacturers.

Devs Consider Jumping Ship as Windows Store Ad Revenue Dries Up

Developers are steaming after Microsoft stopped buying ads for Windows Store apps - and now, they're not making a cent.

Mark Shuttleworth Closes Ubuntu’s Oldest Bug

With Microsoft no longer the sole dominant player, Ubuntu's largest bug has been solved.

Think China Hosts All Your Malware Troubles? Think Again

We hear it in the news all the time - Chinese hackers responsible for gaining access to this server or that. According to one recent study, however, we should all[...]

Microsoft Updates Core Windows 8 Apps: Mail, People, and Calendar

Microsoft updated some of Windows 8's core applications this week, making good on its promise that improvements to its OS would come faster than in previous years.

How To Change or Reset a Windows 8/8.1 Password

Our memories aren't perfect; that's why we forget passwords. In this guide, NotebookReview show you how to reset a Windows 8 or 8.1 password for both local and Microsoft accounts.[...]