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ASUS VE276Q LCD Monitor Review

The ASUS VE276Q is ASUS' latest take on the ever-growing 27-inch display market. Packed with features, the monitor may seem too big for some desks, but its narrow depth means[...]

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-235f Review

HP's Pavilion Elite HPE-235f marks the introduction of AMD's affordable six-core processor into their premium Elite lineup. Going up against Dell's award-winning Studio XPS 7100, the HPE-235f brings a six-core[...]

Samsung USB-Powered Monitor is 19 Inches, Powered by Two USB Ports

Samsung has been showing off a new desktop monitor concept, powered by the USB ports on a computer. Using USB for display is nothing new; DisplayLink has been showing[...]

Acer Updates easyStore Home Server: Double the CPUs, Double the Space

We found Acer's first entry into the Windows Home Server market to be a worthy and inexpensive competitor to HP's own established line of devices. Today Acer refreshed the line[...]

CES 2011: Will Windows 8 Run on Tegra?

Rumors are flying hard and fast that Microsoft's next iteration of their operating system is being ported to run on top of ARM-based hardware (the chips which provide the brains[...]

Microsoft Launching Steam Competitor

While Apple is planning to launch a general applications store for OS X, Microsoft is looking to play around a bit, first. Coming next month is the new Games for[...]

MSI Intros Wind Top AE2280 All-in-One PC with Advanced Audio

For audiophiles and other multimedia entertainment buffs, MSI has unveiled the Wind Top AE2280 all-in-one PC, a computer touted as the first desktop system to include THX's TruStudio Pro high-end[...]

AMD Goes Gangbusters: AMD Vision, AMD Computers, AMD, AMD, AMD

It's been a good year for AMD. Last fall they shipped their 500 millionth x86 CPU, they've handily beaten their competition on price/performance ratios and even scored a win from[...]

brite-View CinemaGo Media Player: Downloads Torrents, Competes with WD, Seagate

The media player market really seems to have leapt up out of nowhere over the past two years. There have been any number of contenders, but big names like[...]

Microsoft: Go Ahead; You Can Use Windows XP Until 2020

It's long been known that businesses weren't too interested in upgrading to Windows Vista from Windows XP. There were delayed product development cycles, issues with compatibility, performance questions and[...]

E3 2010: Razer Releases Starcraft II Gaming Mice, Keyboards and Headset

This year at E3, Razer took the wraps off of a special series of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty-inspired gaming mice, gaming keyboards and gaming headsets.

Microsoft to Ship Office for Mac 2011 on October 26, Pledges Speediness

Microsoft has set October 26 as the launch date for Office for Mac 2011, while also previewing two new features in the newly ribboned suite and promising faster apps than[...]

Windows 7 Rises Above Vista, But XP Still on Top

While Windows 7 users finally exceed those of Windows Vista, long-time Microsoft operating system (OS) Windows XP still gets more than double the combined use of its two intended Windows[...]

Gateway Unleashes Stylish New Gaming, Slim and Mainstream Desktops

Gateway out of nowhere refreshed their entire suite of desktops this week, introducing new versions of its all-in-one, slim, mainstream and gaming models. The new gaming models especially have sharp[...]

Mac vs. PC Rears its Head Again on Microsoft Website

"Macs don't let you choose." With sales faring increasingly well for both Macs and Windows 7-based PCs, Microsoft has started a new chapter in its competitive struggle with Apple by[...]

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480, GTX 470: $850 of Graphics Card Glory

Ever since ATI released their 4XXX series cards a couple of years ago, NVIDIA has had a bit of a hard time competing. Their resurgence in popularity over big green[...]

Samsung Spinpoint F4 Single-Platter HDD and 12X SH-B123 Blu-ray Player Announced

Samsung this week rolled out two new internal drives destined for multivendor desktop PCs: a Blu-ray disc combo unit touted as "the world's fastest 12X Blu-ray drive," plus a 3.5-inch,[...]

Roku Bringing Hulu to Televisions

In a bid to remain competitive in the increasingly-crowded set-top box market, Netflix-streaming favorite Roku has announced that popular video site Hulu will be joining its growing list of channels.

Sony’s atracTable to Compete with Microsoft Surface

Microsoft unveiled Surface a few years ago and while it's not a failure by any stretch of the imagination - its technologies have been integrated into a number of other[...]

MSI Wind Top AE2420 3D Sneaks 3D Capabilities Into All-in-ones

We've talked about MSI's 3D all-in-one concept before, but it looks like it's finally hitting the market for real. The new Wind Top (the Wind brand is MSI's version[...]