WD 2012 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular WD Articles for 2012

Western Digital Adds SlingPlayer, International Content to WD TV Live Family

Western Digital just rolled out a major content update for the WD TV Live family of media players. For customers in the U.S., the most important addition is the SlingPlayer[...]

CES2012: Western Digital’s New WD My Book Live Duo – Your Data, Your Cloud

According to today's top tech tipsters, the cloud is the future of personal storage; Western Digital clearly agrees. They've been putting out more and more network- and cloud-enabled storage devices,[...]

Western Digital Unveils New My Net Line of Wireless Routers and Home Networking Devices

Western Digital? Routers? Get used to the connotation, because the storage company has chosen wireless networking as the next big thing to get into, with the new My Net line[...]

Western Digital Velociraptor 1TB Now Available

When it comes to making your PC faster, you really have two storage options - an SSD, or the Western Digital Velociraptor. Praised for its higher capacities and lower price[...]

Western Digital Releases Affordable My Book Thunderbolt Duo

We got some hands on time at CES, and now Western Digital has made it official: the new My Book Thunderbolt Duo, the company's first product to take advantage of[...]

Western Digital Joins the 4TB Club with New Enterprise-Grade 4TB Hard Drives

Western Digital announced the creation of a new level of enterprise drives, capable of hitting up to 4TB of storage. It's all thanks to the company's new 800GB platters.

Western Digital Boosts External Storage: New My Book 4TB and My Book Thunderbolt Duo 8TB

Western Digital previously announced the availability of their new 4TB drives, but they were largely geared toward enterprise storage. Now, the company has come out with a consumer product that[...]