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Western Digital WD TV Live Hub Review

Introduced just a couple of years ago, the WD TV line of HD media players has really come into their own as solid, jacks-of-all-trades media boxes. Seeing the oncoming glut[...]

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV HD Media Player Review

The living room is finally getting the attention it deserves, and companies are falling all over themselves to be the box in everyone's living room. Seagate is no exception. Like[...]

Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB Review

Western Digital may not be the first to announce or release a 3TB drive, but they're certainly the first to make it available as a standalone unit. Breaking the 2TB[...]

Western Digital VelociRaptor Review (600GB)

Western Digital's original VelociRaptor drive was pretty revolutionary when it debuted. A consumer-focused traditional hard drive, the VelociRaptor offered 300GB of storage spinning along at 10,000RPM. Despite a shift across[...]

Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue SSD Review

Solid state drives aren't a new technology, but in the past couple of years they've really captured the imagination of technology enthusiasts. Unlike traditional hard drives, SSDs have no moving[...]

Congratulations on Getting a New Computer!

With the holidays passing, a lot of people are just getting around to setting up their new computer, and no doubt have questions about what to do and how to[...]

LG Enters the Media Box Wars with the Smart TV Upgrader ST600

LG sees an opportunity in the burgeoning set-top box market, and it's releasing the Smart TV Upgrader to take advantage of it. With an arguably clunky title, the Smart[...]

WD TV Live Plus HD Adds Netflix Support to Western Digital’s Versatile Player

Western Digital's little-media-players-that-could have proven to be an extremely popular addition to the storage giant's consumer-oriented offerings. Developed as another way to sell storage products, the WD TV units have[...]

Hard Drive Makers Enter the SSD Market: Western Digital Releases the SiliconEdge Blue

Until now, the vast majority of solid state drives on the market have been produced by companies not all that well known for being in the storage business - Intel,[...]

Western Digital WD TV Live Hub Leaks Out Early

Western Digital's latest attempt to take over your living room has leaked out ahead of schedule, thanks to Best Buy and the UPnP standards forum. Combining the advantages offered by[...]

Western Digital Introduces 3TB Hard Drive, Adds USB 3.0

Seagate may have beat them to the 3TB punch, but that doesn't mean that Western Digital is out of the game. On the contrary, today the company unveiled its[...]

DesktopReview’s Guide to Black Friday 2010

It's here again. The day after Thanksgiving, while most of America wakes up from the stupor brought on from eating too much, drinking too much and watching too much[...]

With SSD Prices Falling, Is Now the Time to Buy?

Are you looking to buy a new storage drive? With prices sliding some on solid state drives (SSDs) while hard disk drives (HDDs) grow increasingly expensive, this could be the[...]

brite-View CinemaGo Media Player: Downloads Torrents, Competes with WD, Seagate

The media player market really seems to have leapt up out of nowhere over the past two years. There have been any number of contenders, but big names like[...]

Western Digital My Book Live: Simple Networked Storage

WD keeps on trucking out product updates this month, and the new My Book Live continues the trend. Claiming to be a "seamless set-up" for consumers' needs, Western Digital's My[...]

WD, Hitachi and Seagate Team Up to Build Biggest Hard Drives Ever

In the interests of building denser and roomier hard disk drives (HDDs), Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital (WD) have formed a new research group called the Storage Technology Alliance (STA),[...]

Roku Bringing Hulu to Televisions

In a bid to remain competitive in the increasingly-crowded set-top box market, Netflix-streaming favorite Roku has announced that popular video site Hulu will be joining its growing list of channels.

Hitachi Unveils 7200 RPM 3TB Internal HDD

With new Deskstar drives that might be the fastest products in their emerging category, Hitachi has now become the third vendor to step in the market of ultra high capacity[...]

Microsoft Family Pack Returns: 3 Windows 7 Licences for $150

While desktops are always popular with the DIY, build-your-own-system crowd, the operating system remains something of a problem. At a minimum $99 a pop, the so-called "Microsoft tax" makes big[...]

Western Digital’s WD TV Live Now Supports Windows 7

Obviously, we found WD's WD TV Live player to be a solid product, awarding it our Editor's Choice award. The company has been quick to update the unit's firmware,[...]