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Western Digital 2TB Hard Drive Review

In recent months, solid state disks have become the storage darlings of the computer world, offering consumers the promise of outrageous transfer speeds at the expense of capacity and price.[...]

Intel Brings the Thunderbolt Revolution

Start of a desktop revolution or a novel technology destined to become a trivia question someday? These two possible paths await Intel's Thunderbolt technology, which debuted in February.

WD TV Live Plus HD Adds Netflix Support to Western Digital’s Versatile Player

Western Digital's little-media-players-that-could have proven to be an extremely popular addition to the storage giant's consumer-oriented offerings. Developed as another way to sell storage products, the WD TV units have[...]

Sony Launches SMP-N100 Bravia Media Player in US and UK Flavors

With an announcement of its Internet TV widely expected in mid-October, Sony is now getting ready to ship a UK version of the SMP-N100 Network Media Player which has already[...]

Apple: “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.”

Big words from a big company. Apple's surprise announcement, revealed today via an unexpected homepage update, has the Internet a-flurry with ideas. The announcement says to expect something[...]

Microsoft to Introduce Kinect for Windows Tomorrow

While many like to criticize Microsoft for spending a lot of money and not achieving much with it, it's hard to deny that the Kinect story is anything but an[...]

Via Dual-core Nano x86 CPU Shown Off at Computex

Despite promises that Via would be releasing a dual-core version of its Nano processor by the end of last year, 2009 has come and gone, and Via has yet to[...]

Intel Roadmap Shown Off, Atoms to Supercede Moore’s Law and Get Yearly Updates

What with Computex 2011 among us, the hardware news is coming fast and furious - both via official press channels and the less official rumors and leaks chatter. Intel has[...]

Sony Sues Users to Keep Software Secure

In what appears to be a recreation of the infamous DeCSS saga that broke DVD encryption and spread it all over the Internet, Sony is looking to keep the recent[...]

Western Digital releases updated 2TB Caviar Black drive

Western Digital has three main product lines in their desktop hard drive segment: Caviar Black, Caviar Blue and Caviar Green. The Caviar Green drives focus on low energy use[...]

PAX East: Telltale Tries Something New With Jurassic Park

For the Jurassic Park game, Telltale Games, the studio that is best known for its point-and-click adventure games, has taken some serious deviations from its form.

E3 2010: Mass Effect 2 Gets New Demo and Downloadable Content

Mass Effect may not have exactly been a groundbreaking game, but for almost everything (*cough* Mako) it did, it did extremely well. Mass Effect 2 came out at Christmas[...]

HTC Snaps Up GPU Maker S3 Graphics in War with Apple

It's been a pretty long time since we've heard anything major come from the likes of S3 Graphics, but that doesn't mean they're dead - not by a long shot.[...]

Via to Battle Intel’s Atom with Dual-Core Nano Chip

In continuing hopes of catching up to Intel's Atom, Via has released the specifications for a dual-core edition of the Nano, a chip that received early uptake a year or[...]

VIA shows off tiny 1080p pico-ITX board

Looking to build an HTPC but unhappy with how big even a mini-ITX case looks? Check out VIA's new P720, a pico-ITX board barely bigger than a business card[...]

VIA Delivers “World’s First” Quad-Core Mini-ITX Boards (Hint: Not the World’s First)

Well, they might be the world's first mini-ITX boards from VIA, but that's splitting hairs. The boards are still worthwhile, however, for how little power they use. VIA might be[...]

NVIDIA to launch VIA-based Ion platform this year

While Intel's Atom may be the current low-power darling of the technology world, VIA is back, and with a vengeance. Early reports show their new Nano CPUs to be[...]

Forget the PC; 25% of Netflix is Viewed on the Wii

In recent years, cable companies have sounded increasingly worried over the trend away from watching video content delivered via cable boxes in favor of watching on the PC. As[...]

EVGA announces UV Plus USB adapter for external displays

EVGA announced UV Plus, a USB VGA display adapter that allows for multiple displays to be connected via a USB port.

VIA shows off the ARTiGO A2000 Storage Server, offers naming contest

VIA took the wraps off of the new ARTiGO A2000 storage server, today. Designed to serve as a plug and play storage unit, the new barebones server uses an[...]