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How to Download Microsoft Windows 7 for Free

There are times when you need a copy of Windows on hand to accomplish something. You might need to install a new Windows component, or boot to the OS disc[...]

The Wait for 8: How to Download Windows 8 for Free and Install via USB/DVD

Windows 8 is Microsoft's next generation operating system. As we've seen, it's promising to change the look and feel of PCs, with its elegant Metro stylings and stunning new Start[...]

How Much RAM Do You Really Need?

Over the years, processor speed isn't the only thing that's risen as transistors have shrunk. So, too, has the average amount of memory in mainstream computers. We've come a long[...]

How to Instant Boot Chrome OS

Remember all of those computers and motherboards shipped with some variant of an "instant-on OS"? The concept was developed because a lot of people felt that Microsoft's Windows OS took[...]

How Lenovo Designs an All-in-One PC

When consumers purchase a new computer, they go to the store or online, read a couple of reviews, pick some options, whip out their credit card and wait for it[...]

Want to Add AMD’s New Six-core Phenom II X6 to Your System? Here’s How!

One of the most attractive parts of AMD's newest Athlon II and Phenom II processors (including the hot new six-core Phenom II X6 1090T) is that they're backwards compatible with[...]

Join Our Folding@Home Team, and Help Fight Disease in 2013!

As the new year begins, join our Folding@Home team and put your extra CPU cycles to a great cause - finding cures to some of our most terrible diseases.