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Popular Touch Articles for 2011

HP TouchSmart 610 Review

HP has been working on the TouchSmart line of products for some time now, and the refinement shown in the new TouchSmart 610 tells that story better than any commercial.[...]

HP TouchSmart 620 3D Review: HP’s New 3D, Multitouch King

This morning, HP unveiled the all-new TouchSmart 620 all-in-one computer. The 620 builds upon its predecessor with some impressive new features: a 3D-capable, 120Hz display and twin webcams. But is[...]

CES 2011: Lenovo Rolls Out Capacitive Multi-touch All-in-one Plus Three Others (video)

Lenovo likes all-in-ones. At least, that's where they see the most desktop potential in the short-term. At CES this year, the Chinese computer giant showed off four new models,[...]

IDF2011: HP Unveils Bevy of Beautiful Monitors, World’s First Sub-$200 IPS Display

At IDF2011 in San Francisco this morning, HP unveiled seven new displays mostly targeted at the performance display segment of the market. Showcased were a new thin TN display for[...]

Innovative HP TouchSmart 610 with Reclining Stand Unveiled

Today, HP took the wraps off of its latest generation of TouchSmart all-in-one products. Under development for an extended period of time, the TouchSmart 610 addresses one of the primary[...]

CES 2011: Hands-on with the $400 HP DreamScreen 400

HP's new DreamScreen 400 is one of the best-designed touch desktops to come along in a while. Running a custom Linux distribution, the DreamScreen 400 has a UI designed from[...]

EXO PC to Offer 40-inch Multitouch Desk in 2012

EXO PC has become known for their intriguing touch-oriented user interface, designed to be run on top of Windows 7 tablets. The company has one such product to its name,[...]

Dell Vostro 360 Multitouch All-in-one Leaks Out

It's not the first time Dell has accidentally leaked product information by placing a future gadget's support docs on the website a bit ahead of launch, but Round Rock generally[...]

HP Leaks Updated TouchSmart 520

In a recent promo video leaked to Engadget, HP showed off an all-new revision of their TouchSmart line of touch-capable, all-in-one PCs. This new model, dubbed the TouchSmart 520, takes[...]

HP TouchSmart Will Run webOS with Desktops, Notebooks to Follow

HP's webOS event was mostly about launching the TouchPad, their dual-core iPad clone that runs Palm's webOS operating system. During the interminably long event, however, there were a few[...]

Dell Ships Super-Adjustable, Multi-touch IPS Display

Until now, multi-touch displays have typically been limited to the more affordable TN-based panels which sacrifice image quality to keep costs down. Dell is looking to change all of that[...]

HP TouchSmart 610 First Look Review

The TouchSmart line from HP has always held something of a special place here at DTR. A 23-inch display sits on top of the TouchSmart 610, promising a world of[...]

AOC Full HD Touchscreen Monitor Now Shipping

AOC has released a 22-inch FHD touchscreen monitor with a built-in speaker bar. Read the full story for its features, pricing, and full specifications.

Microsoft is Giving You a Free Xbox 360

This summer, Microsoft is engineering a giveaway that is every bit as good as anything Apple does for students. The latter company, famous for giving away an iPod Touch[...]

HP TouchSmart 610: A Touch of Summer Fun

HP has taken our desktop summer buyers guide cake with the TouchSmart 610. Find out why this multi-touch screen all-in-one desktop PC is such a good, summertime choice by reading[...]

Ideum Surpasses Microsoft Surface with 55-inch Multitouch Table

Not content to let Microsoft, or even their own MT50 take the crown in the surprisingly crowded multi-touch tablet market, Ideum has just shown off their latest creation: the MT55,[...]

Samsung Series 7 All-in-One is Samsung’s First Ever US Desktop

Samsung has been building all-in-one desktops for a while, now, but if you were in the United States, you wouldn't know it. That all changes with the Series 7 all-in-one,[...]

Razer Announces “PC Gaming is NOT Dead” with Mysterious Countdown

Razer, maker extraordinare of high-quality gaming peripherals, has branched out in recent months. At CES, we saw them show off an astonishing new kind of gaming device - half laptop,[...]

Logitech Intros the Wireless Trackpad: Now Windows Has its Own Magic Trackpad

Today Logitech announced an upcoming multi-gesture wireless touchpad that allows for notebook navigation in Logitech's idea of a "natural" way. The wireless touchpad allows users to scroll through documents and[...]

CES 2011: Lenovo Launches Impressive First 3D Display with 3D Webcam

At CES this year, Lenovo launched their first 3D display, the innovative L2363d. Aiming to solve the ergonomic problems most touch displays engender, the L2363d can fold back on[...]