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Dell Studio XPS 8100 Review

Adding a touch of sophistication to the more affordable Inspiron lines, Dell's Studio segment offers an option to mainstream users who want a little more - without having to spend[...]

HP TouchSmart 310 Review

As part of their continuing attempt to bring a multitouch experience to computers, HP recently brought out the newest iteration of their all-in-one lineup, the HP TouchSmart 310. Marrying a[...]

HP TouchSmart 310 First Look Review

HP this week unveiled the newest iteration of their touch-enabled all-in-one desktop line, the HP TouchSmart 310. An entry model in the series, the 310 partners a 20-inch, multitouch display[...]

Apple Magic Trackpad Review

Apple introduced their new Magic Trackpad today to significant buzz; the product's concept had been leaked as early as late 2009 and FCC documents recently confirmed its existence. The Magic[...]

CES 2010: Lenovo Unveils New Multitouch LCD, Desktops

Lenovo unveiled a trio of cool new products at CES: two new all-in-ones and a 24-inch capacitive multitouch display. There's a low-end IdeaCentre C310 that brings two-finger multitouch to[...]

HP Shovels Core i5 into TouchSmart Line, Intros New All-in-one, Ultra-small Desktops

The HP TouchSmart has been one of our favorite all-in-ones, and HP finally updated it with some new tech - the Intel Core i3 and i5 CPUs. The computer giant[...]

NVIDIA ION 2 Actually GeForce G310?

A French site dedicated to netbooks and nettops has uncovered an image talking about one of ASUS' upcoming all-in-ones, the ET2010PNT. This stylish new multitouch machine uses Intel's PineTrail[...]

Lenovo Updates Monitor Line with L2461x Touch Display

Lenovo recently updated their display line with three new consumer models. Among them was the L2461x, Lenovo's first multitouch-capable standalone display.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Brings Multitouch to Business Computing

Today Lenovo took the wraps off of a number of new products, including the ThinkCentre M90z, a commercially-inclined all-in-one computer that brings multitouch to the business segment.

Mimo iMo Monster Adds Touchpanel to USB Display

While USB displays are nothing new, it's still unusual to see one with a touchscreen sitting on top. Mimo, masters at this mini-USB display market, have just announced the iMo[...]

Swype Being Ported to Windows?

Swype is a beloved text entry system designed for touchscreen mobile devices. From the inventor of the worldwide text entry system known as T9, Swype works by letting users drag[...]

New Tangent All-in-One PC Features Rare Type of Resistive Multitouch Display

Resistive multi-touch technology, limited so far mostly to tablet and smartphone prototypes, is now turning up in the surprising setting of an actually shipping all-in-one PC from Tangent Inc.

iBUYPOWER MAGIC Makes Any Game Multi-touch Compatible

iBUYPOWER, a boutique PC maker known more for some of their enthusiast-oriented configurations, has just launched 'MAGIC'. MAGIC is custom software developed by the company that makes any game playable[...]

Mad Catz’ Touchpad-Enhanced touchmouse Now Available

Chalk it up to missing this one at CES, but Mad Catz just announced that their interesting "touchmouse" is now shipping. Using Bluetooth to get the wires out of[...]

Lenovo IdeaCentre B305 Adds Multitouch to Lenovo Lineup

Remember the IdeaCentre B500 we just reviewed? Lenovo has taken that design and tweaked it, adding in AMD dual-, tri- and quad-core CPUs as well as two-finger multitouch. Sleek design,[...]

Apple Summer 2010 Update Roundup

We've had a lot of Apple news and updates over the past couple of days, from new 27-inch Cinema Displays to 12-core Mac Pros and Core i7 iMacs. There's even[...]

Lenovo Intros Affordable Multitouch All-in-one C315

Multitouch all-in-one computers are on the rise; it's a form factor that lends itself pretty well to the technology. Unfortunately, all too often they're plagued by accompanying high prices. [...]

Microsoft Touch Pack Now Available for Download

Microsoft's Touch Pack for Windows 7 was one of our favorite pieces of software the Redmond giant cooked up for Windows 7. We never understood, however, why they wouldn't just[...]

E3 2010: Mad Catz Eclipse litetouch Keyboards Now Shipping

We've covered Mad Catz' crazy customizable, backlit keyboard before and the unusual Eclipse litetouch is finally shipping.

ASUS Makes EeeKeyboard Official…Finally

It seems like it's been forever and a day since rumors first came out surrounding ASUS' efforts to stuff a computer into a space no bigger than a keyboard -[...]