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Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p Review

Not every business demands cutting-edge style when it comes to buying computers for their workforce. Instead, they prize efficiency, productivity and lower TCOs. This is where Lenovo steps[...]

HP TouchSmart 9100 Business PC Hands-on

HP has been pushing its TouchSmart series of multitouch-capable all-in-one PCs for at least three product generations, now, and with the second generation came a business-oriented model. A new revision[...]

Dell Studio One 19 First Look Review

Despite reactionary news about the desktop market shrinking in recent months, manufacturers are continuing to innovate in the space and Dell is certainly no exception. There has been an[...]

HP TouchSmart 600 Full Review (with Video)

The HP TouchSmart 600 is the premium version of HP's third generation touch-enabled all-in-one computers. From a hardware standpoint, it refines and improves upon its forebears. A lot[...]

HP TouchSmart 300 and 600 Hands-on

The most exciting attractions at HP's recent unveiling were easily the TouchSmart 300 and 600 all-in-ones, now the third generation of Touch-capable computers offered by the PC giant. In[...]

Acer introduces new multitouch-capable Aspire Z5610 all-in-one desktop

We knew this day would come. Ever since Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates showed off the first multitouch abilities of Windows 7 well over a year ago, companies have[...]

Dell launches new MULTITOUCH Studio One 19 All-in-one

Dell released their newest all-in-one desktop today, the Studio One 19. The new desktops feature a solid glass 18.5" widescreen display, optional multitouch, five different colors and several different[...]

Fingerprints Ahoy: Looking at Windows 7 Multitouch

Apple didn't invent touch or multitouch functionality, but they certainly popularized it in the consumer space. Microsoft has acknowledged this by building multi-input capabilities into Windows 7 and even went[...]

HP TouchSmart 600 First Look Review

HP's been working on touchscreen interfaces for years, now, and they show no sign of stopping. The TouchScreens have come a long way and now offer up 23 inches of[...]

Albatron launching 22″ multi-touch monitor

Albatron has come out and said that they would be releasing their 22" multi-touch display in early March. The Taiwanese company first showed off a prototype version of the[...]

Dell releases host of new products: TouchSmart competitor, photo printer, luxury line

At a press conference at CES this morning, Dell announced a host of exciting new products, including new Touch-enabled all-in-ones -- direct competitors to the HP TouchSmart line of computers,[...]

ASUS unveils new touchscreen all-in-ones

Gearing up for the release of Windows 7, ASUS is prepping to release new all-in-one systems that take advantage of one of the most talked about features in the new[...]

Apple introduces new multitouch-capable mouse

Bringing multitouch capabilities to their desktop line, Apple has introduced a new multitouch-capable mouse.

HP Announces Touch-centric Software Development Program

HP's TouchSmart line of all-in-ones has pushed the boundaries as far as touch-capable software goes, but the company can only do so much on its own. It's a common[...]

MSI shows off new 18.5″ touchscreen all-in-one desktop

It's been mentioned a couple of times, but it looks like MSI might be finally ready to fully introduce their newest all-in-one system to the world. With an 18.5"[...]

HP introduces their own standalone multitouch display

Dell isn't the only major manufacturer working on standalone multitouch display technology. HP has just announced their own Compaq-branded touchscreen.

Wacom introduces both multitouch- and pen-capable tablet

Wacom, widely considered the gold standard in pen input computing technology, has officially announced the availability of their next-generation Bamboo tablet line, a consumer-oriented tablet capable of both pen and[...]

Windows 7 out October 23rd?

Acer has confirmed that their multitouch-capable all-in-one desktop, the Z5600, will be available with the Windows 7 operating system starting October 23rd. Deals — 24-Jan-09

Big savings on HP desktops 20% off the Dell XPS One! Save $150 on the HP TouchSmart Eco-friendly SFF Lenovo for less than $600! [...]

MSI Unveils New Multitouch All-in-one

Here it comes - with the launch of Windows 7 and its native support of multitouch inputs, we're going to see a lot of manufacturers take advantage in the run-up[...]