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Dell Studio XPS 8100 Review

Adding a touch of sophistication to the more affordable Inspiron lines, Dell's Studio segment offers an option to mainstream users who want a little more - without having to spend[...]

HP TouchSmart 310 Review

As part of their continuing attempt to bring a multitouch experience to computers, HP recently brought out the newest iteration of their all-in-one lineup, the HP TouchSmart 310. Marrying a[...]

HP TouchSmart IQ506 Full Review (with video)

The HP TouchSmart IQ506 is HP's new top of the line, all-in-one computer. There are several companies that put out all-in-ones, these days; Apple famously has the iMac[...]

Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p Review

Not every business demands cutting-edge style when it comes to buying computers for their workforce. Instead, they prize efficiency, productivity and lower TCOs. This is where Lenovo steps[...]

HP TouchSmart 310 First Look Review

HP this week unveiled the newest iteration of their touch-enabled all-in-one desktop line, the HP TouchSmart 310. An entry model in the series, the 310 partners a 20-inch, multitouch display[...]

What You Need to Know About Touchpads and Trackpads

A notebook's pointing device is an often-overlooked part of a notebook purchase. Given the variety in today’s notebooks, you'll want to make an informed purchase. Here's what to look for.

Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 91z Review: A Business AIO With Style

The Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 91z is a business all-in-one PC best known for its "edge-to-edge" glossy glass surfaces and beautiful 21.5-inch full HD display. The Edge 91z is for businesses[...]

HP TouchSmart 610 Review

HP has been working on the TouchSmart line of products for some time now, and the refinement shown in the new TouchSmart 610 tells that story better than any commercial.[...]

HP TouchSmart 620 3D Review: HP’s New 3D, Multitouch King

This morning, HP unveiled the all-new TouchSmart 620 all-in-one computer. The 620 builds upon its predecessor with some impressive new features: a 3D-capable, 120Hz display and twin webcams. But is[...]

Hands on: Lenovo’s 10-Finger Multitouch IdeaCentre A720 (video)

There are a lot of touch-capable all-in-one desktops, and we've seen just about every one. Aside from HP's TouchSmart, they haven't been worth much. With Lenovo's new effort, that's all[...]

HP TouchSmart 9100 Business PC Hands-on

HP has been pushing its TouchSmart series of multitouch-capable all-in-one PCs for at least three product generations, now, and with the second generation came a business-oriented model. A new revision[...]

Dell Studio One 19 First Look Review

Despite reactionary news about the desktop market shrinking in recent months, manufacturers are continuing to innovate in the space and Dell is certainly no exception. There has been an[...]

CES2012: Lenovo Unveils IdeaCentre B340 and B540 All-in-ones and H520 Desktop

Lenovo took a pre-emptive shot at Zinio's new all-in-ones today with the release of a few of their own - the IdeaCentre B Series desktops might not be the visual[...]

HP TouchSmart 600 Full Review (with Video)

The HP TouchSmart 600 is the premium version of HP's third generation touch-enabled all-in-one computers. From a hardware standpoint, it refines and improves upon its forebears. A lot[...]

Apple Magic Trackpad Review

Apple introduced their new Magic Trackpad today to significant buzz; the product's concept had been leaked as early as late 2009 and FCC documents recently confirmed its existence. The Magic[...]

Gorgeous Dell Inspiron One 23 and XPS One 27 All-in-ones Get Touch for Windows 8

Today, Dell officially announced the addition of touch to their stylish new all-in-one lineup, just in time for Windows 8.

HP TouchSmart 300 and 600 Hands-on

The most exciting attractions at HP's recent unveiling were easily the TouchSmart 300 and 600 all-in-ones, now the third generation of Touch-capable computers offered by the PC giant. In[...]

CES 2011: Lenovo Rolls Out Capacitive Multi-touch All-in-one Plus Three Others (video)

Lenovo likes all-in-ones. At least, that's where they see the most desktop potential in the short-term. At CES this year, the Chinese computer giant showed off four new models,[...]

IDF2011: HP Unveils Bevy of Beautiful Monitors, World’s First Sub-$200 IPS Display

At IDF2011 in San Francisco this morning, HP unveiled seven new displays mostly targeted at the performance display segment of the market. Showcased were a new thin TN display for[...]

Acer introduces new multitouch-capable Aspire Z5610 all-in-one desktop

We knew this day would come. Ever since Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates showed off the first multitouch abilities of Windows 7 well over a year ago, companies have[...]