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The Wait for 8: How to Download Windows 8 for Free and Install via USB/DVD

Windows 8 is Microsoft's next generation operating system. As we've seen, it's promising to change the look and feel of PCs, with its elegant Metro stylings and stunning new Start[...]

The Wait for 8: Easier Install in View for Coming Windows 8

One of the biggest problems when it comes to installing Windows, whether on old or new PCs, is how long and invasive the setup process can be. With the[...]

The Wait for 8: Windows 8 to Lose the Start Button, Gain Gesture Passwords

New screenshots have surfaced from the upcoming release of Windows 8 - build 8220. As part of Microsoft's Win 8 beta, it is expected to lose the well-known Start button,[...]

Download the New Windows 8 Consumer Preview Beta Right Now, for Free!

Microsoft's Windows 8 Consumer Preview is already available for download. This time, it's not just a simple ISO file to download - you'll need to run the company's upgrade advisor.[...]

Microsoft to Offer Home PC Builders Special Windows 8 Licenses

Despite the ever-present 'death of the desktop', PC building is alive and well, even as Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system nears release. MS has recognized that fact for the first[...]

Microsoft and Netflix Show Off Netflix App for Windows 8

Netflix has never really been one to shy away from new platforms, and Windows 8 is no exception. The new Netflix app for Windows 8 is available, and it might[...]

Amazon UK Leaks Windows 8 Box Art, TV Spots

Amazon's UK arm leaked the trippy box details for Windows 8 this week, giving customers a sneak peek at what they'll be picking up in a couple of weeks.

Windows 8 on ARM Won’t Have Security Software: Will You Be Safe?

Windows 8 is cracking down on how users can install applications, and on the ARM version, Windows RT, only Microsoft Store apps can be installed. Guess what that means: no[...]

The Wait for 8: Microsoft Confirms October 25th Launch

Microsoft has officially announced the launch date of Windows 8, its next-generation operating system: October 25, 2012.