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Western Digital WD TV Live Hub Review

Introduced just a couple of years ago, the WD TV line of HD media players has really come into their own as solid, jacks-of-all-trades media boxes. Seeing the oncoming glut[...]

Dell Studio Slim Review

Dell has made an effort in recent months to really turn around their product offerings with regards to style and design. No doubt due to the redoubling sales of[...]

Lenovo A600 First Look Review

The IdeaCentre A600 is a new All-In-One desktop offering a 1080P display, 3D motion controlled games, and integrated HDTV tuner from Lenovo. With a starting price of $699, Lenovo is[...]

Western Digital WD TV Live Review

Western Digital recently relaunched their WD TV player, adding a number of features such as component video and DTS decoding, while maintaining its diminutive size and sleek form factor. [...]

DesktopReview HTPC Guide – Part III

DesktopReview presents the third part of our ongoing series on how to build your own HTPC. In part I, we discussed the reasons for assembling a home theater PC[...]

CES 2011: Sonomax Sculpted Eers Headphones Review

CES is often touted as the place to find the latest and greatest tech, whether it's computers, cell phones, TVs or...headphones. Headphones? Headphones. In fact, after experiencing Sonomax/Soundcage's new "sculpted[...]

Sony Internet TVs and Blu-ray Player: Hands On with Google TV

The Internet. Television. Two great tastes that taste great together? Sony seems to think so. The Japanese juggernaut has unveiled the industrys first crop of Google-powered Internet TV products, and[...]

LG Enters the Media Box Wars with the Smart TV Upgrader ST600

LG sees an opportunity in the burgeoning set-top box market, and it's releasing the Smart TV Upgrader to take advantage of it. With an arguably clunky title, the Smart[...]

WD TV Live Plus HD Adds Netflix Support to Western Digital’s Versatile Player

Western Digital's little-media-players-that-could have proven to be an extremely popular addition to the storage giant's consumer-oriented offerings. Developed as another way to sell storage products, the WD TV units have[...]

HP TouchSmart IQ506 First Look

HP recently updated their experiment with touchscreen computing in the form of the TouchSmart IQ550. This all-in-one desktop offers a complete redesign over the former models with a gorgeous[...]

Sony Launches SMP-N100 Bravia Media Player in US and UK Flavors

With an announcement of its Internet TV widely expected in mid-October, Sony is now getting ready to ship a UK version of the SMP-N100 Network Media Player which has already[...]

Western Digital WD TV Live Hub Leaks Out Early

Western Digital's latest attempt to take over your living room has leaked out ahead of schedule, thanks to Best Buy and the UPnP standards forum. Combining the advantages offered by[...]

Is OnLive the Death of PC Gaming?

OnLive is a service that promises to stream your top games -- AAA titles such as Crysis, among others -- over the Internet to any device. Not limited to powerful[...]

Now We’ve Got 4K TV, But What Will We Watch?

So you've bought a super hi-def 4K TV, but what're you going to watch? Upscaled 1080p content will only keep you satisfied for so long.

DesktopReview’s Guide to Black Friday 2010

It's here again. The day after Thanksgiving, while most of America wakes up from the stupor brought on from eating too much, drinking too much and watching too much[...]

D-Link’s Boxee Box Radio Remote Control Now Available for Any HTPC

One of the coolest things about D-Link's Boxee-powered Boxee Box is not the interesting UI. It's not the pyramid shape. It's the remote control. Boxee's unique remote control is one[...]

Western Digital Adds SlingPlayer, International Content to WD TV Live Family

Western Digital just rolled out a major content update for the WD TV Live family of media players. For customers in the U.S., the most important addition is the SlingPlayer[...]

New Dell Inspiron Zino HD Updates Leaked in Dell Documentation

Even though Dell's current iteration of their Inspiron Zino HD - a cross between an HTPC and a Mac Mini clone - won DestopReview's Editor's Choice award when it first[...]

Western Digital WD TV Live Review

The gadget landscape has changed substantially since Western Digital introduced their first WD TV media player. The WD TV Live has to go up against competition such as Apple's "Apple[...]

Survey Fuels Apple iTV Rumors as Prototypes Spotted in Carrier Labs

A recent Best Buy survey tried to get customer feedback on a possible Apple-branded HDTV, naming a few titillating features. At the same time, Canada's biggest newspaper reports that extraordinary[...]