Storage 2013 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Storage Articles for 2013

Seagate Solid State Hybrid Drive Review (3rd Gen)

Is Seagate's marriage of an SSD to old-fashioned storage a match made in heaven? Or is it just too good to be true? Find out in our review.

WD Reveals SmartWare Pro Simplifying File Backup

Western Digital unveiled SmartWare Pro which simplifies file backup allowing users to backup files to an external Hard Drive or Dropbox.

SanDisk Connect Streams Movies and Music to TVs, PCs, iPhones, More

SanDisk's new line of Connect Wireless Drives let you stream your movies wherever you want - whether at home on your PC, or elsewhere, on your phone.

ADATA Releases Firmware Update for SSDs

ADATA releases new Firmware update to address TRIM and other issues for its SSDs.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra Now Available

Western Digital announces the availability of its My Passport HDD line.

LenovoEMC PX2-300D Network Storage Review

First bought by EMC, and then Lenovo, Iomega's DNA is hard to deny. The px2-300D offers business users the ability to keep both their data and their offices safe.

ADATA to Launch Wireless DashDrive Air AE800 HDD

ADTA is launching a new hard disk drive with wireless connectivity and a power bank feature aimed at smartphone and tablet devices.

Apricorn Aegis Bio USB 3.0 Review

This simple, portable USB hard drive provides both fingerprint biometric access and hardware encryption that automatically keeps your data safe.

Seagate Shows Off Big Hard Drives for Big Data: the 4TB Terascale

Seagate is pushing into big data in a big way - with new business-focused, 4TB hard drives and a competitor for Western Digital's VelociRaptor.

Mimoco and Hasbro Offer My Little Pony Designer USB Flash Drive Collection

Mimoco and Hasbro come together to offer a My Little Pony USB flash drive collection. The collection offers three different characters and is available for purchase starting today.

Hands On: Western Digital Makes Personal Cloud Storage Easier with New ‘My Cloud’ Networked Drives

Today, WD rolled out a new line of networked hard drives called 'My Cloud.' The new devices are designed to give customers easier access to their data when outside of[...]

Western Digital Black^2 Dual Drive Review

Western Digital's new Black^2 Dual Drive manages to pack a full SSD and HDD into one slim, 2.5-inch form factor - two drives for the space of one! Read our[...]

Seagate Launches New Laptop SSHDs

Say goodbye to the Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive and say hello to the new Seagate solid state hybrid drives (SSHDs).

ADATA Announces Ultra-Thin DashDrive Elite SE720 SSD

ADATA announces the ultra-thin DashDrive Elite SE720 external SSD.

New WD Arkeia DA1300, DA2300 NAS Units: Mo’ Data, Mo’ Money

WD's new Arkeia network storage appliances might be just what your small office or local branch needs to back up every last bit of data - but all that enterprise[...]

Buffalo Now Shipping LinkStation 400 Series

Buffalo announces the launch of its new line of LinkStation 400 Series network storage devices.

OCZ Enters Bankruptcy; Sale to Toshiba Seems Likely

While OCZ was one of the first to offer low-priced SSDs to the consumer market, it looks like that wasn't enough to stave off the executioner. Unable to pay their[...]

Seagate announces new NAS products for 2013

Seagate today announced Seagate Business Storage, its new network-attached storage (NAS) product line in capacities up to 16TBs for small office / home office (SOHO), remote mobile office (RMO) and[...]

ADATA Launches New Dash Drive HV620 External Hard Drive

If you're looking for a new external hard drive with USB 3.0 speed then ADATA's newest product might be just what you need.

Western Digital Acquires Arkeia Software Expanding SMB Portfolio

Western Digital announced the acquisition of Arkeia Software. The merger will provide WD with new technologies and solutions aimed at small-and-medium business owners. Including the software companies latest Arkeia Network[...]