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Popular Storage Articles for 2012

Crucial m4 256GB mSATA SSD Review

The surprisingly small mSATA standard might be relatively new, but as new laptops continue to get thinner and lighter, these new drives will likely dominate the notebook storage market. We[...]

Microsoft Office 365 Review

Microsoft is previewing the first home edition of its Office 365 online suite. Is Home Premium for you, or should you buy Office 13 instead? Read the full review.

Western Digital My Passport 2TB Review

When it comes to portable hard drives, the Western Digital "My Passport" series is perhaps the most successful line of portable external hard drives on the market. Is the new[...]

Exclusive: Kingston SSDNow V200 Review: New(ish) And Improved At Last!

What happens if a SSD turns out slower than an old hard drive? That was the problem facing the Kingston SSDNow V200. Months after Kingston took the drive off the[...]

Top Five PC Software Applications for School or Office

Here are five of the hottest software packages for PCs and Mac for August 2012. Categories include office suites, graphics, storage, videoconferencing and cool tools.

Backblaze Cloud Backup Review: Worth It at the Low Price?

A rival to cloud backup services like Carbonite and Mozy, Backblaze is less costly. But, do its features and performance measure up to the competition?

High Capacity SSD Roundup: What’s The Best SSD For Your Laptop?

If you're looking for a 240+ GB solid state drive for your notebook then we've got four contenders from OCZ, HyperX, and Verbatim that deserve your consideration.

RSA: Five Top Internet Security Threats in 2012

Attackers in 2012 will range from criminals to "hacktivists," governments, and employees. Here are five top security threats that emerged from the RSA Conference.

Upgrade Your HDD to SSD: How and Why

The slowest part of a PC is typically the hard disk drive (HDD). Find out why upgrading your laptop to a Solid State Drive (SSD) is beneficial and sensible.

MyDigitalSSD BP3 256GB mSATA SSD Review

We took a closer look at the new 256GB BP3 SSD ($279.99) from MyDigitalSSD and we tested it in a wide variety of notebooks to see just want this storage[...]

Carbonite Review: Cloud Backup

Don't want to lose your PC data? Carbonite is one of the best solutions for cloud backup.

IBM To Rival Google & Microsoft with Online Office Suite for Consumers & Businesses

After going live with SmartCloud for Social Business this month, IBM plans to add IBM Docs - another online service for consumers and businesses - later in 2012.

Amazon Cloud Drive for MacOS Review: Handy Access To Abundant Multimedia Storage

Amazon's new software applications for Mac and Windows give you easy access to a handy extra multimedia storage locker-in-the-sky. Read the full review.

Crucial Introduces m4 Ultra-Slim SSD for Ultrabooks

Crucial introduced a new ultra-slim 2.5-inch high performance SSD today. The company states that the new SSDs will fit into and work well with the new types of notebooks with[...]

CEA Line Show: Sneak Peeks at Touchscreen Wi-Fi Routers and Other Cool Upcoming Gadgets

At the CEA Line Show, vendors are now giving sneak peeks at touchscreen Wi-Fi routers, a mobile media hub, a folding digital camera stand, and other future gadgets.

Symantec Launches ‘Windows 8 Beta-Ready’ Security Software, Adds More For Android & Mac

Symantec is adding three new "Windows 8 beta-ready" security suites, including Norton 360 Everywhere -- for PCs, Macs and Android --- and Norton One, for "elite" support.

WD’s 5mm Hybrid Drive is Crazy Thin (Hands on)

Western Digital saw fit to bring their svelte new hybrid hard drives to IDF, and we couldn't resist putting our grubby mitts all over the hot new storage technology.

SugarSync Unveils App for Windows 8 & RT, Plans One for Windows Phone

As an addition or an alternative to Microsoft SkyDrive, SugarSync has released a free file sharing and storage app specifically designed for Windows 8 and RT.

New WD Windows 8 App Provides Easy Access and Sharing of Videos, Photos and Music

Western Digital announced today that its external drives will be compatible with Windows 8, and will also help users make the most of their storage.

CES 2012: Cool New Products for Storing Your Content Online or on Your PC

Would you like to manage content sitting on your PC, Facebook, and Google+ all in the same place? How about accessing "private" info stored on your PC from your smartphone?[...]