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15 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions

Google Chrome is already the safest web browser on the market, but when it comes to security you can never be too careful. We've compiled 15 Chrome extensions that lock[...]

CES 2012: Windows 8 Gaze and Lenovo’s Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ TV

Even before CES opens its doors on Tuesday, the show is already evidencing novel uses of new operating systems, such as Tobii's Gaze "look and tap" UI for Windows 8,[...]

Top 10 Best Firefox Security Add-ons

The main reason most people switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox is to improve their browser security, but that doesn't mean Firefox is bullet-proof. We offer up the 10 best[...]

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) Review

Sometimes there is something called a free lunch. Here, it's known as Microsoft Security Essentials. This antivirus package promises to deliver much of what paid solutions offer, but for a[...]

Antivirus Security Shootout: Microsoft Vs. Symantec Vs. McAfee Vs. Kaspersky

How did four popular antivirus security software products stack up when we put them to the test? In this buyers guide, we reveal the winner. Read on to find out.[...]

Avast Free Antivirus Review

ALWIL Software's Avast Antivirus Home Edition is free for home users. How does it stack up against other free and paid solutions? We break it down in this review.

Best Antivirus 2010 Buyers Guide

For 2010 we reviewed ten paid antivirus solutions -- today we break the reviews down and show you which one is the best.

Best Internet Security Suites 2011 Buyers Guide

Over the last several months we reviewed 10 of the latest high-end consumer Internet security suites -- today we break down the numbers and pick a winner.

25 Top Gadget Add-Ons for PCs, iPhones, iPads, and Android Devices

The Christmas countdown is on, but there's still time ahead for finding gadgets that will add more power, connectivity, storage, and/or fun new features to PCs and/ or mobile devices.[...]

2010 Free Antivirus Buyers Guide

Over the last several months Notebook Review looked at several free antivirus solutions -- today we compile our results in our 2010 free antivirus buyers guide and declare a winner.[...]

AVG Anti-Virus Free Review

Up until this point we have reviewed only paid computer security solutions, but today we are trying something new: AVG Anti-Virus Free, which is as the name implies, free. AVG[...]

AVG 9.0 Anti-Virus Free Review

AVG 9.0 promises protection and performance improvements as well as a better user experience over the previous version. Does it work as advertised? See how it fared in our testing.

Avira Free Antivirus 9.0 Review

Avira AntiVir Personal is a free security suite for home users. It promises basic protection from viruses and spyware. How does it rank against other antivirus solutions? Read our review[...]

Symantec Norton Antivirus 2010 Review

It's still 2009, but Norton couldn't wait for the New Year to release Norton Antivirus 2010. Is this really a security application ahead of its time, or is Norton 2010[...]

RSA: Five Top Internet Security Threats in 2012

Attackers in 2012 will range from criminals to "hacktivists," governments, and employees. Here are five top security threats that emerged from the RSA Conference.

2009 Antivirus Software Home Buyers Guide

We have reviewed a half-dozen antivirus solutions in the last month and all have passed our tests. Needless to say, this has left many buyers in a dilemma over which[...]

Norton AntiVirus 2009 Review

Norton AntiVirus is one of the most well-known names in PC security. The company's Norton AntiVirus 2009 is the base security suite that provides essential protection against viruses and spyware[...]

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 Review

Kaspersky Anti-Virus, our top-rated security product from last year, is back for 2010 with more protection and features. Will Kaspersky continue to outperform its competitors this round? Read on to[...]

Internet Safety Guide: How to Protect Yourself Online

Internet threats continue to pose a problem for anyone that surfs the Internet -- and yes, that includes you reading the headline and thinking you know it all. In this[...]

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.2 Review

ESET NOD32 4 was one of our favorite antivirus suites last year -- does version 4.2 retain its first-class spot this year? Read our review to find out.