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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV HD Media Player Review

The living room is finally getting the attention it deserves, and companies are falling all over themselves to be the box in everyone's living room. Seagate is no exception. Like[...]

Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220 (6TB) Review

Seagate has been producing the BlackArmor line for some time, now. Despite being officially aimed at the small business segment of the market, BlackArmor has found some degree of popularity[...]

Seagate BlackArmor NAS 420 Review

Network attached storage, in a nutshell, is the idea of making hard drives available through a network connection. Despite solid state drives taking the spotlight in recent months, rotating magnetic[...]

Congratulations on Getting a New Computer!

With the holidays passing, a lot of people are just getting around to setting up their new computer, and no doubt have questions about what to do and how to[...]

Seagate suffering massive failure rates on Barracuda 7200.11 drives?

The Inquirer is reporting that Seagate's flagship Barracuda desktop drives are experiencing massive failure rates. Apparently, there is faulty microcode installed on the drives that occasionally results in the[...]

Seagate Breaks Out World’s First 4TB Hard Drive

Even though solid state drives get all the face time these days, it's important to remember that good old spinning media still has a thing or two to teach the[...]

DesktopReview’s Guide to Black Friday 2010

It's here again. The day after Thanksgiving, while most of America wakes up from the stupor brought on from eating too much, drinking too much and watching too much[...]

brite-View CinemaGo Media Player: Downloads Torrents, Competes with WD, Seagate

The media player market really seems to have leapt up out of nowhere over the past two years. There have been any number of contenders, but big names like[...]

Seagate BlackArmor 220: The Perfect Way to Take Your Data with You

Executives never really go on vacation. Whether you're at the beach or on the golf course, you need access to your data. If that's the latest sales figures or tomorrow's[...]

WD, Hitachi and Seagate Team Up to Build Biggest Hard Drives Ever

In the interests of building denser and roomier hard disk drives (HDDs), Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital (WD) have formed a new research group called the Storage Technology Alliance (STA),[...]

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex is World’s First 3TB Drive

1TB was amazing. 2TB was unimaginably large. 3TB? Well, it's certainly not run-of-the-mill. Seagate is first to market with a 3TB drive, the FreeAgent GoFlex Desk. External only, Seagate[...]

Seagate Unveils Big, Fast Pulsar SSDs

Today, Seagate unveiled two new models in their solid state solutions lineup: the Pulsar.2 and Pulsar XT.2. The two drives are pretty similar, save for their specific kind of flash[...]

Seagate GoFlex Cinema Adds 3TB of Storage to Your Home Theater

Although Western Digital may be the company making the rounds with its snazzy lineup of high definition media players, Seagate has its own models, which offer similar, and in some[...]

Seagates GoFlex Home Offers Low-Cost 2 TB Storage and Streaming

Seagate has rolled out GoFlex Home, a relatively inexpensive answer to a new wave of home-based hardware products offering centralized storage of multimedia files, with access from anywhere in the[...]

Hitachi Unveils 7200 RPM 3TB Internal HDD

With new Deskstar drives that might be the fastest products in their emerging category, Hitachi has now become the third vendor to step in the market of ultra high capacity[...]

Top Accessory Picks for the Holidays

Time has essentially run out for this year's Christmas shopping, but retailers are still gearing up for the January shopping slump with post-Christmas deals. Check out five of our favorite[...]

Seagate Unveils New NAS HDDs with Industry’s Highest Capacity

Seagate reveals new NAS HDD offering up to 4TB of data.

Home Networked Storage Destined to Hit 11 Million by 2015

While it's no surprise that the consumer electronics market continues to grow and expand as technological innovations increase the options manufacturers have, there are still some areas that have yet[...]

Seagate Stole HD Technologies from MIT?

Seagate, you naughty hard drive manufacturer, you. It seems like there have been some shady goings-on at the organization. An MIT spin-off called Convolve is suing them (again) for[...]

Seagate introduces Time Machine-esque backup for Windows users

Time Machine and the associated storage is one of the big pluses to Mac OS X; backing up critical data becomes easy and simple. Seagate has gone and introduced[...]