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Dell OptiPlex 990 Review

It isn't often that we turn to the business side of a PC manufacturer's product lineup to find the kind of design innovation that makes you sit up and take[...]

Lenovo IdeaCentre A700 Review

Lenovo's IdeaCentre A700 is the star of Lenovo's 'A' Series all-in-one lineup. Breathing down Apple's neck, can Lenovo succeed where others have failed and take over the all-in-one market through[...]

Lenovo Essential H320 Desktop Review

Just as Lenovo inches up on Apple's heels in the all-in-one market comes the release of their new small form factor consumer desktop, the H320. Focused on providing a solid[...]

Dead Space 2 Review

Gaming has come a long way from the days when companies were forced to hide blood and gore behind a code fervently typed into controllers by teenage boys looking for[...]

Lenovo ThinkVision L2321x Wide Review

Although Lenovo isn't one of the first names that springs to mind when it comes to display technology, that doesn't stop them from continually refreshing their products. The latest model,[...]

Battlefield 3 Review: A Broken Masterpiece

Only glimpses of greatness can be seen through the broken mess that is Battlefield 3. One reviewer shares his experience with a game that could have been one of the[...]

Dell Releases Precision R5500 Rack-mounted Workstation

Although companies like Apple have been discontinuing their rackmount options as time goes on, Dell is adding whole product categories. Traditionally the realm of servers, Dell has taken the form[...]

HP’s Eight New All-in-Ones & Pulse Speakers: We Go Hands-on

Rallying behind the desktop computer in what HP is calling the "largest all-in-one portfolio in its history", the company is unveiling a whopping eight new all-in-one desktops; we snagged a[...]

Intel Flaw Forces Dell, HP, Others to Recall and Delay Products

Intel may have been upfront in telling the world about their new Cougar Point chipset flaw, but that doesn't mean they've avoided the fallout. The world's top PC makers are[...]

How to Instant Boot Chrome OS

Remember all of those computers and motherboards shipped with some variant of an "instant-on OS"? The concept was developed because a lot of people felt that Microsoft's Windows OS took[...]

Cloud Storage: Is the Gain in Space Worth the Pain?

Cloud storage can cut down on your hardware costs by letting you easily share photos, music and other files. Yet many users have lost data and privacy at the hands[...]

Western Digital Adds WD 2go, 2go Pro Apps to its My Book Live Personal Cloud Drive

Western Digital introduced the My Book Live late last year. It's goal? To simplify your networked storage woes. Today's release furthered WD's ideal by adding attractive and easy-to-use mobile apps[...]

HP’s New Ultrathin Elite L2201x – One of the World’s Thinnest Business Monitors

Along with the new notebooks introduced today, HP also took the wraps off of a new business-oriented ultrathin display - known as the HP Elite L2201x, the 22-inch, super thin[...]

CES 2011: Hands-on with the Xi3 Ultra-small Modular Desktop (video)

When Xi3 first came out from their stealth operating mode, the tech industry largely didn't understand what to do with them. A small company, the 40-member staff is passionate[...]

Top 10 New Features in Mac OS X Lion

At Apple's WWDC 2011 this week, Steve Jobs jumped up on stage and delivered previews of the company's latest and greatest software achievements - both in mobile, with iOS 5,[...]

Intel’s Next Generation Performance X79 Chipset Leaked

Since the X58 chipset was introduced some time ago, Intel's kept mum on the next-gen follow up. The good news? Someone managed to get their hands on a product slide[...]

HP Updates Small Workstation Lineup with the HP Z210 Workstation

We were impressed with HP's last small form factor workstation, the HP Z200, and now they've introduced the follow-up to that model: the HP Z210. This model continues the trend[...]

Portal 2 Review

We've come a long way since the original Portal and its fictitious cakes, which first blew minds and broke records back in 2007. What was originally a sleeper hit that[...]

Apple Releases New Thunderbolt Display with HD Webcam, Speakers, Thunderbolt

After the leak on Apple's website last week that showed off a few Lion images and some all-new, Thunderbolt-equipped displays, it's no real surprise that today's product update included these[...]

DTR Deal of the Week: Dell ST2220LB 1080p Display with $100 Gift Card

As we've seen today, Dell isn't sitting still when it comes to displays. As one of the most popular monitor manufacturers today, the company has a product at every price[...]