OCZ 2009 Notebook/Laptop Articles

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OCZ Vertex SSD Review

We've been hearing about solid state drives, or SSDs, as the next big thing in personal computing for a few years now. Until recently, however, SSDs have been plagued[...]

OCZ Vertex Turbo 120 SSD Review

While OCZ has always been known as a premium memory brand, long the bastion of enthusiasts and performance junkies, they've really made a name for themselves in the past year[...]

OCZ shows off new glamour shots of super fast PCI-E SSD solution

It's been something we've followed for a few months, now, and OCZ's new storage solution that mounts several SSD flash modules on a PCI card.

OCZ shows off new 1TB PCI-e SSD

OCZ shows off new 1TB PCI-e SSD

OCZ releases fast new affordable SSDs

OCZ releases fast new affordable SSDs

OCZ’s heinously expensive Z-Drive PCI-E SSDs now available

OCZ has finally made available their Z-Drive series of SSDs, which overcome the throughput issues of serial ATA by skipping it altogether and using the PCI Express bus. While[...]