Nvidia 2013 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Nvidia Articles for 2013

Eurocom X3 (Clevo P157SM) Review

The Eurocom X3 is nothing short of a gaming powerhouse thanks to Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M graphics, but this desktop replacement lacks visual appeal.

AVADirect Clevo W230ST Review

AVADirect offers a great deal of performance in a small package with the 13.3-inch customizable Clevo W230ST.

AVADirect Clevo P570WM Review

This custom Clevo P570WM is among the most powerful portable computers today, utilizing a six-core Intel Extreme Edition processor and dual 330W power supplies.

Eurocom Electra (Clevo W560SR) Review

This Clevo-based 15-inch notebook packs a beautiful 1080p IPS display, two storage drives and excellent performance. Keep reading to find out the best and worst.

Nvidia GeForce 700M Series Graphics First Look

Today NVIDIA announced the latest additions to the GeForce 700M line up of notebook graphics: the GeForce GT 750M, 745M, 740M, 735M and 720M.

NVIDIA Brings Midrange Power with GeForce GTX 760 GPU

NVIDIA brings the battle to the midrange with the all-new, all-powerful, GeForce GTX 760.

Nvidia SHIELD Promises PC Gaming In Your Hands

Just before CES 2013, Nvidia announced Project SHIELD, an Android device designed specifically for gaming.

Eurocom Unveils Panther 7N

Eurocom announces 12lbs. 3D supercomputer laptop with nanotechnology, dual 16 core Intel Xeon processors, dual Nvidia Quadro graphics, 256GB DDR, 8TB of SAS storage with solar panels.

AVADirect Offering Clevo P375SM

AVADirect announced that it is the first in the US to offer the Clevo P375SM 17.3-inch HD gaming notebook.

Eurocom Adds SLI NVidia GTX 780M to Panther 5D and Scorpius 2.0 3D

Eurocom launches SLI based GTX 780M options for its customizable Panther 5D and Scorpius 2.0.

Eurocom Now Shipping Haswell Based Shark 2.0

Eurocom is now shipping its new Haswell based Shark 2.0.

Eurocom Panther Awarded Intel Form Factor Innovation Award

Eurocom recently received the Intel Form Factor Innovation Award for its Panther platform. The platform offers dual functionality as a mobile workstation and mobile server in a 12 pound form[...]

NVIDIA Shares Details About Next-Gen GPUs: Maxwell, Volta, Tegra 4, Tegra 5 at GTC

At the GPU Technology Conference today, NVIDIA let loose some exciting new details about its upcoming products, including major architecture improvements to Tegra, and new information on next-gen GPU products[...]

New NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Puts the Hurt on Single GPU Cards

Today, NVIDIA showed off the new GTX Titan, their 2013 GPU flagship. Priced at nearly a thousand dollars, it promises to rule the single-GPU roost for some time to come.

VIDEO: Nvidia SHIELD Handheld Gaming Device Demo – CES 2013

NVIDIA took everyone by surprise at CES this year when they unveiled ‘Project Shield’. Shield is built around the just-unveiled Tegra 4, NVIDIA’s fourth-generation mobile chipset that combines four ARM-licensed[...]