Nvidia 2011 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Nvidia Articles for 2011

DesktopReview’s 2011 Holiday Buyer’s Guide: The Best Desktops, All-in-Ones, Accessories and More!

It's only five more weeks until the big day, and if you want to jump in and take advantage of the best deals, now's the perfect time to get started!

Eyes-on with Pluribus: HP’s Amazing 3D Technology

This year at CES, HP showed off an impressive new technology at the Earth, Wind and Fire concert they organized in partnership with Monster. Code-named "Pluribus" (the Latin roughly translates[...]

Nvidia Releases Flagship GeForce GTX 590 Graphics Card

Nvidia has released its AMD Radeon HD 6990 competitor, the dual-GPU GeForce GTX 590. ASUS is one of the first vendors to introduce its own version of the card. It[...]

Trim-Slice Brings Tegra 2 to the Desktop

Why should cell phones and tablets have all the fun? Tiny PC maker CompuLab is bringing NVIDIA's super low power Tegra 2 chipset to the nettop world. Fit-PC is known[...]

Nintendo Wii 2 Announced

Nintendo's Wii could hardly be considered anything but a runaway success. The system's lower cost and novel control mechanism allowed it to shoot past its HD competition and sell over[...]

Intel to Pay NVIDIA $1.5 Billion

Today NVIDIA announced that Intel has agreed to pay big green in the sum of $1.5 billion in order to facilitate the cross-licensing of several patents. The big news? New[...]

E3 2011: Nvidia Talks PhysX, 3D, and the Future of Gaming

Nvidia representatives were staying tight-lipped about Kal-El and Kepler at E3 2011, but they were still more than happy to show off and discuss the company's recent endeavors.

NVIDIA Rolls Out GTX 560 While Playing Duke Nukem Forever, Dungeon Siege III

Some may question the wisdom of releasing a card with so scant a market niche as the GeForce GTX 560 (no Ti). The new 560 sits just in between the[...]

Pictures of Dual-GPU NVIDIA Prototype Surface – Hint of Things to Come?

A Chinese site recently turned up pictures of an older NVIDIA video card featuring honest-to-god dual-GPU chips on board. Traditionally the purview of AMD/ATI, this dual-GPU GeForce never came to[...]

NVIDIA Releases Cheaper, Wired Version of 3D Shutter Glasses

AMD might be selling more graphics chips, but NVIDIA is the current king of the 3D arena. Part of that is due to the way they've successfully marketed their slick[...]

Technology Plays Key Role in SOHO Success

Small office and home office workers want the same return on investment from technology solutions as the bigger players. "In the end, it's all about having that home court[...]