Networking And Wireless 2012 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Networking And Wireless Articles for 2012

Netgear R6300 Review: The World’s Fastest Router?

The first products based on the IEEE 802.11ac gigabit-wireless standard are now appearing. We put the first 1.3 Gbps device through a few tests to see what it can really[...]

Aruba Instant WLAN Review: Big System Performance, Small System Convenience

Enterprise-class Wi-Fi performance plus consumer-class ease-of-use and price? Aruba Networks may have hit it out of the park.

How to Keep Your Network Secure

Security solutions are different for small companies and enterprises. What are the best ways of protecting data on a small business network?

Marvell’s New Chip: Super Fast Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC All in One

Marvell's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC all-in-one package should have a little mercy on your utility bill.

TRENDnet Pushes 500Mbps Through Your Power Outlets With New TPL-405E

TRENDnet has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what you can do with your home network, and this latest product, the Powerline AV adapter TPL-405E, doesn't disappoint. Using only[...]

New D-Link PowerLine AV+ Mini Starter Kit Gives You a Wired Network Without the Wires

D-Link's new set of PowerLine networking equipment lets you set up a new wired network in your house without having to run any cables. Instead, it routes your data over[...]

WD Makes Your Network Bigger with New MyNet Wi-Fi Range Extender

WD's latest foray into home networking is the new MyNet Wi-Fi Range Extender, which lets you blanket your home in Wi-Fi and get rid of troubled, low signal spots.

Cisco is Trying to Sell Off Awesome Router Maker Linksys

Linksys is one of the Internet's favorite router companies, thanks in no small part to their hackability, and the rise of alternate firmwares like dd-wrt and Tomato. Now Cisco wants[...]