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Congratulations on Getting a New Computer!

With the holidays passing, a lot of people are just getting around to setting up their new computer, and no doubt have questions about what to do and how to[...]

Netgear’s ReadyNAS Ultra Streams Your Data Anywhere

With remotely accessible, high capacity multimedia home networking in mind, Netgear has rolled out the ReadyNAS Ultra series of Tivo-compatible digital video recorder (DVR) storage units.

DesktopReview’s Guide to Black Friday 2010

It's here again. The day after Thanksgiving, while most of America wakes up from the stupor brought on from eating too much, drinking too much and watching too much[...]

Seagates GoFlex Home Offers Low-Cost 2 TB Storage and Streaming

Seagate has rolled out GoFlex Home, a relatively inexpensive answer to a new wave of home-based hardware products offering centralized storage of multimedia files, with access from anywhere in the[...]

Netgear Joins the Tiny Box 1080p Fray with NeoTV Ultimate

Netgear is capping the rollout of a new line of multimedia storage, networking, and playback products for home wireless, wired, and powerline networks with the announcement of the new media[...]

Netgear Roku XD Brings Roku (and Netflix) to Retail Stores Everywhere

While Roku has always offered an interesting service, bringing streaming Internet media to living rooms across America. Until now, they'd been an Internet exclusive - selling only online. The[...]

Home Networked Storage Destined to Hit 11 Million by 2015

While it's no surprise that the consumer electronics market continues to grow and expand as technological innovations increase the options manufacturers have, there are still some areas that have yet[...]

Netgear Unveils New 3G and 4G Routers

Netgear introduced a new line of 3G and LTE (4G) broadband-like performing routers in a mobile package at the Mobile World Congress on Feb. 14. There are four new[...]