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Corel PDF Fusion Review

While Corel's PDF Fusion can also fare well at multi-format document conversion, the Windows-based tool truly excels for low-cost creation of personalized documents in PDF, a format easily readable across[...]

SpiderOak Online Backup Review

There are a host of available online backup solutions on the market -- unless you're running Linux, in which case the SpiderOak online backup service is one of the few[...]

As XP Dies, Will Users Step to Windows 7, 8 or Something Else?

As CEO Steve Ballmer crows about Windows 7 sales, another exec, Stephen Rose, blogged warnings about the final death knell of Windows XP. This all flies in the face of[...]

Symantec Launches ‘Windows 8 Beta-Ready’ Security Software, Adds More For Android & Mac

Symantec is adding three new "Windows 8 beta-ready" security suites, including Norton 360 Everywhere -- for PCs, Macs and Android --- and Norton One, for "elite" support.

IBM’s Cloud To Offer Gold, Silver and Bronze Data Recovery to SMBs

For SMBs and enterprises alike, IBM plans to launch new cloud-based data recovery services later this summer, at gold, silver and bronze service levels and price points. In an interview[...]

CES 2012: Corel Rolls Out AfterShot Pro for Windows, Mac and Linux

On the eve of CES 2012, Corel rolled out AfterShot Pro, a new photo workflow app for Windows, Mac and Linux designed for serious photographers and destined to catapault Corel[...]

New ADA Group To Spark Innovation in Software Applications

Will a new group spur better software applications for end users? The ADA will promote innovation among developers, from music apps to PC business applications.

Browser Wars: Microsoft’s IE Rises on Win 7, Falls Overall

While Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) is gaining use against other browsers on Windows 7, IE and Mozilla Firefox are both losing ground to Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari in the[...]

Facebook Fights Google+ on Face Recognition and Business Fronts

Up against new rivalry from Google+(Plus), Facebook took steps this week to calm user disenchantment with its facial recognition and to beam a bigger smile toward business members.