IDF2011 2011 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular IDF2011 Articles for 2011

IDF2011: HP Unveils Bevy of Beautiful Monitors, World’s First Sub-$200 IPS Display

At IDF2011 in San Francisco this morning, HP unveiled seven new displays mostly targeted at the performance display segment of the market. Showcased were a new thin TN display for[...]

IDF2011: Intel has “line of sight” to 14nm Transistors, Post-Ivy Bridge CPUs

At the Intel Developer Forum 2011, Intel said it has reached a 'line-of-sight' position regarding next-gen transistor technology. The company seems confident with 14nm path as it plans for early[...]

IDF2011: Intel to Release 50-Core CPUs in 2012

Intel CTO Justin Ratners announced today at IDF 2011,that the company is prepared to release an entirely new kind of CPU with more than fifty cores. Coming from the Knights[...]

Unreleased Western Digital DX4000 NAS Spotted on IDF Floor

Despite being hailed as an Intel Developer Forum, there were any number of manufacturers represented on the show floor - some were there on their own, while others saw their[...]

IDF2011: AMD Receives Guinness World Record for Fastest Desktop CPU

In just a couple of hours, Guinness will award AMD for achieving the world's fastest desktop CPU. Granted, it involves a rather significant overclock, but a record's a record. In[...]

IDF2011: Intel’s The Tomorrow Project Asks ‘What Does the Future Hold?’ (video)

During the keynote speech on the third day of Intel's IDF 2011 Intel's Futurist, Brian David Johnson, asks questions about what the future holds, not just for Intel, but the[...]

IDF2011: Live at the Intel Developer Forum!

Another year, another IDF. At last year's IDF, we got to see new hardware coming from Intel, partners released new notebooks and desktops, and AMD even reared its head to[...]