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Popular Games Articles for 2013

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Review

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 is an affordable gaming and media focused notebook. Keep reading to see if it delivers on the promise of "upgradeable" graphics.

AVADirect Clevo W230ST Review

AVADirect offers a great deal of performance in a small package with the 13.3-inch customizable Clevo W230ST.

Razer Blade Pro Review

This second generation of Razer's gaming notebooks features a fourth-gen Intel "Haswell" processor, Nvidia GTX 765M graphics, a sleek metal chassis and innovative touchpad.

Valve to Make Three Big Announcements Starting on Monday

Valve, the company behind the popular PC gaming platform Steam, will make three major announcements with the first coming on Monday.

MSI GT60 2OD Review

The Xotic PC variant of the MSI GT60 offers cutting edge specs and premium performance at a premium price. Is this a good value for gamers?

Microsoft Details Xbox One Revealing New Games and Price

After a TV and social media heavy reveal, Microsoft comes out firing on all cylinders with new games, exclusives, and the system's pricing.

Razer Blade Review

This 14-inch gaming notebook packs desktop power into an 0.66-inch thin aluminum chassis. Read our full review to see why the Razer Blade is a worthwhile contender.

2012 Game of the Year

While 2012 may not have been the juggernaut that 2011 was; it was still a great year for gaming with a cornucopia of titles worth remembering. Here are some of[...]

Maingear Introduces Ultra-Thin Pulse 17 Gaming Notebook

Maingear announces the launch of the Pulse 17, the world's thinnest 17" gaming notebook.

Origin PC Releases 13-inch EON13-S Gaming Laptop

Origin PC announces the release of its EON13-S 13-inch high performance gaming laptop.

Origin PC Announces the Launch of Online Gear Shop

Origin announces the launch of its new online store with exclusive apparel and PC branded peripherals.

Origin PC Offering “Ultimate Gaming Laptop” Bundle

Origin PC is now offering the EON17-SLX in a promotional gaming bundle, which includes a high-end mouse, headset, and carrier bag.

Work on Left 4 Dead 3 Shown in Fan’s Tour of Valve

On a recent redditor's tour of Valve, a snapshot caught something out of the ordinary: Left 4 Dead 3.

Valve: New Steam Controller, Works With Every Single Game on Steam

Valve's third major announcement in a week of big news was perhaps the most predicted of all: a new Steam Controller which promises to offer gamers something that no one[...]

Microsoft Xbox One Review: A Promising Start

Microsoft sets its sights on the living room with its new Xbox One game console. With the bundled Kinect and impressive multi-tasking capabilities, the new console looks to unify your[...]

Valve Announces SteamBoxes Coming Next Year, Beta Hardware Coming Soon

Today, Valve announced that SteamOS-powered...consoles? Computers? Gaming machines? will be coming, from a variety of manufacturers, sometime next year. More exciting, however, is that they'll be giving away 300 beta[...]

Origin PC Announces Nexus Client: Offering In-Game PC Support

Origin PC beefs up its customer surface with the addition of its new client, Nexus. The client allows for in-game customer and is compatible with the popular game portal Xfire.[...]

Origin PC Launches Elite Gaming Peripherals

Origin PC announces the launch of select Razer gaming peripherals.

Valve’s Big Announcement #1: SteamOS Coming to Your TV

Valve's week of major announcements just kicked off with the introduction of SteamOS, an upcoming Linux-based OS from Valve that's designed from the ground up to bring PC gaming to[...]

PAX East 2013 Wrap-Up: Long Live Indie Gaming

With a relatively weak AAA showing at this year's PAX East in Boston, indie games got their time in the spotlight and became the star of the show.