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GDC 2012: Civilization V: Gods And Kings Expansion Changes The State Of Play

The upcoming Gods and Kings expansion pack for 2K's Civilization V doesn't just bring new units and civilizations, it changes how the game is played...and that's a good thing.

PAX East 2012: Borderlands 2 Sticks to Its Guns

Borderlands 2, the sequel to the 2009 co-op FPS/RPG hybrid from Gearbox, doesn't stray far from the roots of its predecessor. But that may be the best decision Gearbox could[...]

PAX East 2012: Max Payne 3 Shootdodges Its Way Into Our Hearts

Style is the name of the game with Max Payne 3, as the game's demo at PAX East showed. Who would have thought it could be so easy to look[...]

Mass Effect 3 Review: The Best and Worst Game of 2012

Mass Effect 3 is quickly shaping up to be one of the most controversial games of 2012 - thanks largely to the reactions of an incredibly dedicated fan base. In[...]

PAX East 2012: Sleeping Dogs Hands-On Shows Refinement, Not Innovation

Square Enix may not be reinventing the wheel with its rescue project, Sleeping Dogs, so its best hope is to perfect it instead.

PAX East 2012: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Breaks Down The Alien Invasion

No action is without consequence in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Firaxis Games' upcoming contribution to the storied franchise. Plan your moves carefully.

The Walking Dead Episode One Review: A Shambling Success

Developer Telltale Games, known for their solid stable of adventure games, has created an episodic series of games based on The Walking Dead. And while the result is a bit[...]

E3 2012: Neverwinter Goes MMORPG, Free-to-Play (video)

Good old Neverwinter. Bringing D&D's Forgotten Realms campaign to life in an all-new way, Neverwinter Nights was both the first graphical MMORPG and a wildly successful series of 3rd-person RPGs.[...]

GDC 2012: Renaud Bedard Dives Into Fez In Technical Post-Mortem

Renaud Bedard, the sole programmer of Fez (and one of only two members of Polytron, the game's developer), was at GDC this year, where he shed some light on the[...]

Top Game Picks for Moms, Dads, and Grads

What better way for Moms, Dads, and Grads to take the edge off and relieve the stress of everyday activities than games? We're here to help you choose the best[...]

E3 2012: Tomb Raider Preview – Lara Struggles Through Her Worst Days

The Tomb Raider reboot takes the series back to its roots, with Lara Croft not only fighting against bad guys with guns, but against Mother Nature, as well.

Origin PC Now Offering the EON17-SLX with 3D

Origin PC is allowing gamers to now enjoy all three dimensions on its latest gaming laptop the EON17-SLX. The gaming notebook is now available for configuration at online at[...]

E3 2012: Dishonored Hands-On Preview

Stealth action, crossbows, pistols, magic, a steampunk theme...really, the question when approaching Bethesda's Dishonored is: What does it not have?

Toppling a Giant: League of Legends Crushes WoW

The once small time, free-to-play MOBA, League of Legends, has officially become the #1 played PC game in the world, dethroning World of Warcraft.

Far Cry 3 Review: Controlled Chaos

Melding the lines between RPG and first-person-shooter, Far Cry 3 will test players' ingenuity - generating an experience both reactionary as well as hopelessly addicting.

E3 2012: Resident Evil 6 Hands-On Preview

We got our hands on the latest entry in the Resident Evil series at this year's E3, and with six characters, three campaigns, and no shortage of zombies, it's shaping[...]

E3 2012: Splinter Cell: Blacklist Hits Its Mark

Splinter Cell: Blacklist may be Ubisoft Toronto's first title, but the studio doesn't seem to be having any problems creating a game that fits in seamlessly alongside the other entries[...]

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Review

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition gives players a chance to experience what is easily one of the greatest RPGs of all time. So what does this re-release bring to the table?

E3 2012: EA’s Press Conference Offers Glimpses at New Dead Space, Crysis, More

EA showcased a lineup of new games from 10 different franchises during its E3 2012 press conference, including new entries to franchises like Dead Space, Crysis, Need for Speed, and[...]

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Review

Will Valve be able to usher Counter-Strike: Global Offensive into the new era of gaming, while simultaneously staying true to their core FPS mechanics?