Entertainment 2010 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Entertainment Articles for 2010

Best Blu-ray/DVD Playback Software

PCs have been able to play back DVDs for roughly a decade but there's always been a nagging issue: playback quality. We round up the three major software applications in[...]

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection 14 Review

Pinnacle 12 took home our 2009 Editor's Choice award for consumer video editing software. Does Pinnacle 14 live up to that reputation, or is it a pretender to the throne?[...]

Netflix Watch Instantly 2010 Review

We reviewed Netflix's "watch instantly" service last year and found it to be good if a bit flawed; the question now is how has the intervening period treated it?

Steam Video Game Download Service Review

Steam is the most popular online game download service for PCs. Today we take a look at this market leader and see how it stacks up against competitors.

WildTangent Orb Video Game Download Service Review

WildTangent - does that sound familiar? If you bought a new HP, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway or Lenovo PC recently it might since their games and download client likely came pre-installed.[...]

Good Old Games Download Service Review

Good Old Games is an online game download service that serves a niche market: people looking for classic PC games. We take a look at this service and find out[...]

Amazon Video On Demand Review 2010

Is Amazon's Video On Demand service the best-of-both world alternative to Netflix Watch Instantly or the iTunes Store, or is just a mediocre middle ground? We break it down in[...]

Free Online Music Services Listeners Guide

Pandora or Slacker? Last.FM or Grooveshark? There is a host of free streaming music services on the Web, but which one has the best features to go with its giveaway[...]

OnLive Gaming Service Review

OnLive is the proverbial too-good-to-be-true product: A gaming service that can play top-flight games on less than top-flight PCs, including netbooks. Does OnLive live up to any of its gaming-in-the-cloud[...]

Direct2Drive Video Game Download Service Review

Game download services are taking over the game distribution role from brick-and-mortar stores. Today we take a look at one example, Direct2Drive, the first of many services in our review[...]

Impulse Video Game Download Service Review

Impulse by Stardock is a digital game distribution platform that competes with Steam and Direct2Drive. Does Impulse offer anything over its competitors and is it worth using? We answer these[...]

Best Online Video Services Roundup 2010

Cable companies have good reason to be terrified of streaming video services, but is some combination of Hulu, Netflix Watch Instantly, Amazon Video on Demand and iTunes 10 really ready[...]

Apple iTunes 10 Review

The newest version of iTunes includes 99-cent TV episode rentals, a new music-centric social network called Ping, and the latest media management interface from Apple. So why do so many[...]

Consumer Video Sharing Web Site Roundup

There are plenty of sites out there ready and willing to host your home videos, but which social video sites offers the best combinations of features and user-friendliness to earn[...]

Game Download Service Buyer’s Guide

Installing games from a CD is old-school. These days it is all about digital game download services. We reviewed five examples over the last month and today we recognize some[...]

Hulu Online Video 2010 Review

Hulu, like any great successful free service, was naturally due for some measure of monetization. Fears are largely unwarranted: people who have enjoyed free Hulu can continue to do so[...]

CES 2010: Roxio CinemaNow takes on iTunes with 3D, HD movies

The Roxio CinemaNow service has been the ignored stepchild of online movie streaming and download platforms, but maker Sonic Solutions has its sights set on iTunes territory with the impending[...]