Entertainment 2009 Notebook/Laptop Articles

Popular Entertainment Articles for 2009

Netflix Watch Instantly Streaming Video Review

There are several different websites that offer online streaming of TV shows and movies, and Notebook Review is going to take a close look at several popular services, beginning with[...]

Amazon Video On Demand Review

Amazon's Video On Demand service lets you rent or buy movies without relying on -- or waiting for -- an actual physical disk to arrive. So much the better for[...]

Gamers Graphics Tuning Guide

Even if you've got the latest and greatest CPU, graphics card, widescreen monitor and cutting edge video game, odds are you're not enjoying the ultimate gaming experience. Why? Because you're[...]

Hulu Online Video Service Review

Hulu is the banner-carrier for legally watching television for free on the Internet, but some have argued you get what you pay for. Is Hulu really ready to change TV[...]

Acer 3D Notebook Coming in October

Acer is planning to launch a notebook with a 3D screen in October of this year according to a DigiTimes report.

iTunes 9 Video Service Review

Apple's iPods and their associated iTunes store are the undisputed product leader in portable digital music sales, but is iTunes video ready to displace streaming services from Netflix and Amazon,[...]

Online Video Service Buyers Guide 2009

Netflix or Hulu? Amazon or iTunes? Which online video service offers the best combination of video quality, selection and price to command your loyalty for (legally) watching movies and television[...]