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Microsoft Office 365 Review

Microsoft is previewing the first home edition of its Office 365 online suite. Is Home Premium for you, or should you buy Office 13 instead? Read the full review.

Free PDF Editor Software Roundup

The price tag on Adobe Acrobat is onerous at best and highway robbery at worst, but we shouldn't let that stop us from enjoying the benefits of the PDF format.[...]

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Review

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is the latest version of one of the most powerful professional-grade video editing applications on the planet. Does Premiere CS5 bring pro-level features with its pro-level[...]

What DirectX 11 (and Windows 7) Means for Gamers

With the pending release of Windows 7 comes DirectX 11, a new iteration of Microsoft's programming interface for 3D games. DirectX 10 debuted with Windows Vista to a stunning "meh,"[...]

Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 Review

Consumer-grade video editing software is often more trouble than it's worth, but Cyberlink has made a serious bid for usability with PowerDirector 9. Is this the basic PC video editor[...]

RSA: Five Top Internet Security Threats in 2012

Attackers in 2012 will range from criminals to "hacktivists," governments, and employees. Here are five top security threats that emerged from the RSA Conference.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 review

Adobe Dreamweaver is the Microsoft Word of web design applications: universally acknowledged as the market standard, but so expensive almost no one want to upgrade to the latest version. Does[...]

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Review

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the latest version of arguably the world's most popular pro image editor. Does the new Photoshop justify the very pricey upgrade from CS4? We break it[...]

PDF Tools Roundup: Pros & Cons of Five Popular Choices for PCs

You've probably used PDF readers, but you might not know as much about PDF creation tools, which let you do much more. Here's a roundup of five product choices.

Corel Rolls Out WordPerfect Office X6, a Microsoft Office Alternative

For PC users wanting alternatives to MS Office, Corel has unveiled a new edition of WordPerfect Office which adds an Android OS app, plus eBook publishing.

Video Editing Best Practices Part III: Build the Ultimate Video Editing PC

Video editing -- especially working in high definition -- will eat every last ounce of performance you make available, so it's vital to have a balanced machine to work off[...]

With Steve Jobs Gone, How Will Apple’s Software Fare Vs. Windows 8 & Android?

Apple's remaining management team now inherits two aspects of Steve Jobs' legacy: profoundly successful previous products, plus an ongoing embracement of change.

Muvee Reveal X Review: Can You Create YouTube & Facebook Videos in a Snap?

Muvee Reveal X is touted as letting just about PC user quickly produce polished videos. Yet how well does the software meet these claims? Read the full review.

Video Editing Best Practices Part I: Basic Video Editing Terminology

Consumer-grade video editing software is notorious for over-simplifying the editing process -- and confusing end-users along the way. In this article, we set out some basic terms to help you[...]

What Different Windows 8 Flavors Will We See?

Microsoft is playing up Win8 PC/tablet "interoperability," while barely acknowledging differences sure to arise in various versions of the OS. What do analysts say?

How Many Users Will Really Dump Facebook, and Will Google+ Gain?

While some outraged users dump Facebook, complain to public officials, and launch lawsuits, others downplay privacy concerns.

Windows 8 Gets ‘Cumulative Update,’ Other Tweaks from Microsoft & Partners

Capped by a now downloadable "cumulative update," Microsoft and its app software partners are making new tweaks and fixes to Win8, as the Oct. 26 launch date nears.

Apple’s Mac OS X Mountain Lion To Adopt More Features From iPhones & iPads

The next release of Mac OS X might not include Apple's Siri voice assistant, but a preview by Apple reveals that OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will adopt lots of[...]

Video Editing Best Practices Part II: How to Use Pro-Grade Video Editing Software

In this second part of our video editing series, we walk you through the basic elements found in professional video software. Don't feel intimidated; instead get ready to learn how[...]

Macworld/iWorld Draws Big Crowds, Even Without a New iPad in Sight

Even without rumored "new iPads" anywhere in sight, Macworld/iWorld 2012 officially opened its doors on Thursday to a public obviously content to be there.